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Occupiers launch two attacks on Ukrainian positions today, as Russia seeks for casus belli...
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Today, 17 February, the armed formations of the Russian Federation violated the ceasefire twice, using the weapons banned under the Minsk agreements.

Assault on Ukraine is assault on democracy - Pelosi...
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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosisaid that there would be very severe consequences if Russian leader Vladimir Putin decides to invade Ukraine,

Invasion of Ukraine will mean end of Putin era - Bildt...
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The decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to go to war with Ukraine will mean the beginning of the end of the Putin era in Russia. Co-chair of the Europe

Welcome to hell! Ukraine's army is ready to fight back, Minister of Defense says...
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The army and volunteers were able to survive in 2014, when the “brother” stabbed us in the back. At that time, many people were not psychologically ready to resist those with whom they sat at the same table yesterday. Now the situation is completely different, said Minister of Defense of Ukraine

Ukraine prepares proper response for Russia's sea blockade, MFA says...
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The MFA added that Ukraine is closely working with the partners, primarily those of the Black Sea region, to ensure that such actions of the Russian side receive a proper response.

Russian propagandist advises Russians to "borrow" methods from Hitler...
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Well-known Russian blogger-propagandist Maxim Kalashnikov said that Russians need to "borrow" methods of organizing the economy and social structure from Hitler.

Russia wants Scythian gold, threatens Dutch judges with consequences...
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The museums of the Russian-occupied Crimea have allegedly filed a cassation appeal with the Supreme Court of the Netherlands against the decision to return the Scythian gold collection to Ukraine.

Germany talks about dividing Europe again...
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According to Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach, Chief of the German Navy, putin deserves respect and he should get it, because it comes at no cost to Germany.

Russia threatens Ukraine with "civil" war if SWIFT is shut down...

The Kremlin believes that Russia’s disconnection from the international payment system SWIFT could cause a “civil” war in Ukraine. This was stated by Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Future of global order at stake in Ukraine...
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The US should be building an international military coalition to deter putin and, if necessary, be ready for war

Putin's tsarist ambitions are not limited to Ukraine - UK defense secretary...
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The Secretary of State for Defense of the United Kingdom Ben Wallace accused Russian leader vladimir putin of tsarist ambitions and expressed concern that they will not end in Ukraine.

Ukraine plans to launch eight satellites into orbit by 2025...
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The National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program for 2021-2025 has been drafted to launch eight Ukrainian satellites into Earth orbit. This was announced by the chief of the State Space Agency, Volodymyr Taftay.

Russia prepares provocations in Transnistria to accuse Ukraine - intelligence...
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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reported that the Russian special services are preparing provocations against servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces to accuse Ukraine.

Kazakh president claims that bodies of "foreign militants" were stolen from morgues...
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Kazakh president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev said in a statement that “terrorists” took the bodies of “foreign militants” who allegedly took part in the protests in Kazakhstan from the morgues.

France Télévisions shows occupied Crimea as part of Russia, believes in searatists supported by Russia...
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France Télévisions showed a map with the occupied territories of Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula as part of Russia.

Crimean Tatars demand Russia to stop persecution and torture...
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Elders of the Dzhankoi district in the temporarily occupied Crimea recorded a video to call “law enforcements” to stop abducting and torturing people on the peninsula. They also expressed outrage at the detention of activist Nariman Ametov.

SBU exposed more than 20 Russian diplomats as spies...
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More than 20 Russian intelligence officers who worked in Ukraine under diplomatic cover were exposed. According to the SBU, they were declared persona non grata.

No harmless joke. Dota 2 League changes logo after potentially breaking Ukrainian law on decommunization...
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Valve force EPICENTER to change its tournament logo after reports of potential violations of Ukranian law on promoting communism, esports.ggreports.

This is a myth. Gorbachev previously admitted that NATO's expansion was not an issue in 90s...
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Former Soviet state and party leader Mikhail Gorbachev has disproved the statement that in talks about German unification he had been promised that NATO will not expand to the east.

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