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Trump says quarantine for N.Y., N.J. and Connecticut 'not necessary'...
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Trump weighs quarantine on N.Y. area while grim figures show police are hard-hit
By ceres on 2020-03-29 02:35 UTC
Corona coronavirus hiatus: Euro space agency to put Sun, Mars probes in safe mode while boffins swerve pandemic...
Spacecraft instruments switched off after COVID-19 outbreak forces mission control to send workers home ESA will pause on-board operations of its spacecraft exploring our Solar System after sending its mission control center staff home to help contain the
By ceres on 2020-03-26 06:34 UTC
NASA Pauses Work on James Webb Space Telescope Due to COVID-19 Pandemic...
The launch is still currently on the books for approximately one year from now, but any this delay will likely push the launch back yet again The post NASA Pauses Work on James Webb Space Telescope Due to COVID-19 Pandemic appeared first on ExtremeTech .
By ceres on 2020-03-23 18:31 UTC
How Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounded the alarm on COVID-19...
It’s a sharp turn from the attitude of its prominent conservative opinion hosts on the network such as Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, who earlier in the month were saying the COVID-19 outbreak was being overplayed by the media and used as a political weapon by Democrats against President Trump.
By ceres on 2020-03-21 20:55 UTC
Second Fox Business Employee Tests Positive For Coronavirus...
A second Fox Business staffer has tested positive for the coronavirus, the company said Saturday in an internal memo obtained by Deadline. "We just learned a short time ago that another one o...
By ceres on 2020-03-21 20:50 UTC
GameStop claims to be 'essential retail' during coronavirus lockdowns...
It's never been better to be a gamer. Video game retail giant GameStop called itself "essential retail" in a memo to employees, instructing them to keep stores open — despite local governments nationwide issuing lockdowns amid the corona
By ceres on 2020-03-20 02:48 UTC
AT&T is suspending broadband data caps for home internet customers due to coronavirus...
AT&T is suspending the broadband data caps for home internet customers due to the coronavirus' effect on the American workplace. With so many people now working from home, there's sure to be a massive uptick in data usage due to teleconferencing a
By ceres on 2020-03-12 22:24 UTC
A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System...
A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System Via CNTechPost.com, Beijing Ditan Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University said on March 4 that the first patient with novel coronavirus pneumonia complicated with encephalit
By ceres on 2020-03-05 17:36 UTC
Starbucks REFUSING to serve customers with reusable mugs due to coronavirus...
Starbucks is temporally refusing to serve customers who bring in their own reusable mugs over fears that they may be spreading coronavirus The post Starbucks REFUSING to serve customers with reusable mugs due to coronavirus appeared first on The Post Mill
By ceres on 2020-03-05 17:32 UTC
NY Facing Worst Flu Season On Record With Second-Highest Weekly Cases In 20 years...
Step aside, coronavirus. Flu cases across New York during the flu season may set a record-high level, according to the State Department of Health, which classified flu activity as "widespread" for the 11th straight week. There were 17,233 laborato
By ceres on 2020-03-05 17:28 UTC
1,000 Who May Have Been Exposed To Coronavirus Are Quarantining In Westchester...
About 1,000 people in Westchester County who may have been exposed to the coronavirus are being quarantined or self-quarantined to combat the rapid spread of coronavirus after a 50-year-old attorney from New Rochelle was hospitalized with the virus. The q
By ceres on 2020-03-05 17:27 UTC
'Disturbing' black rain reported falling over parts of Japan...
Soot-coloured rainwater was reported falling on several wards in Saitama Prefecture in Japan, on 2 March. Many fearful citizens took to Twitter using #blackrain to discover the reason.
By ceres on 2020-03-05 17:26 UTC
This astronomy student found 17 new exoplanets -- and one is potentially habitable...
Michelle Kunimoto has a knack for finding exoplanets, or planets that orbit stars outside of our solar system.
By ceres on 2020-03-05 02:01 UTC
Asteroid Dust Triggered an Explosion of Life on Earth 466 Million Years Ago...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/
A distant, long-ago asteroid collision may have triggered an ice age and a burst of new life on Earth, according to new research.
By ceres on 2019-09-18 20:06 UTC
Mysterious object from interstellar space 'approaching our solar system'...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news
A MYSTERIOUS object from deep space is fizzing towards the Solar System and scientists have no idea what it is. Dubbed "C/2019 Q4", the high-speed body appears to be on a path originating from another star system that will see it fire past Mars in
By ceres on 2019-09-12 20:54 UTC
Water Vapor Detected in Atmosphere of an Alien World Nearly Twice the Size of Earth...
Scientists have detected water vapor in the atmosphere of exoplanet K2-18 b.
By ceres on 2019-09-11 19:08 UTC
Joe Biden bloody eye, memory woes overshadow 2020 bid...
Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden's red eyes and shaky memory have become major media stories in recent days, complicating the 76-year-old Democrat's insistence that he is up for running the White House. Coverage of Mr. Biden's tired expre
By ceres on 2019-09-06 01:04 UTC
Alien alert: Scientist warns humans should NEVER make contact with ET - 'Risk too great'...
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HUMANS should avoid making contact with aliens, a scientist has warned, due to fears extraterrestrial life might wish us harm.
By ceres on 2019-09-04 18:10 UTC
"Death of Cyclops" Scientists are Looking at Aging as a Curable Disease...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/, /contrib/aging
"Each Cyclops had a single eye because, legend has it, the mythical giants traded the other one with the god Hades in return for the ability to see into the future. But Hades tricked them: the only vision the Cyclopes were shown was the day they would
By ceres on 2019-09-04 18:09 UTC
Study shows some exoplanets may have greater variety of life than exists on Earth...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news
A new study indicates that some exoplanets may have better conditions for life to thrive than Earth itself has. "This is a surprising conclusion," said lead researcher Dr. Stephanie Olson, "it shows us that conditions on some exoplanets with f
By ceres on 2019-09-02 03:58 UTC
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