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British man dying with human variant of 'mad cow disease' to be given the only cure for the disease...
Until now there has been no treatment for CJD, which is fatal. Scientists at University College London's Prion Unit, have spent 20 years working on the treatment, a synthetic antibody called PRN100.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-18 02:20 UTC
Fox News poll results 10/17...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Presidential approval ratings by category, party, registered and non-registered voters. Congressional approval ratings and current event polls.
White men majority by far approve of Trump while women and minorities by far are polling against Trump. The average pulls Trump into negative territory.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-18 00:10 UTC
Politico Chief Gets Heat For Implying Trump a White Nationalist...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/news_media
The head of the Republican National Committee ripped Politico's co-founder and editor-in-chief Wednesday for implying that President Donald Trump is a white nationalist.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 23:57 UTC
18 dead, 40 injured in bomb, shooting attack by student at college in Crimea...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/world/, /contrib/russia
The attack occurred at a college in Crimea, which Russia seized from Ukraine in 2014.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 21:02 UTC
'The Conners' Premiere Ratings Are a Disaster Compared to 'Roseanne'...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/entertainment/
The John Goodman-starring spinoff sitcom took a steep fall, and it will only likely continue to drop in the weeks to come
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:13 UTC
Taylor Swift Continues Her New Political Activism, Encourages Early Voting...
Taylor Swift, once infamous for staying out of politics, has suddenly become quite politically active and is now urging her fans to consider early voting. Swift recently made waves when she endorsed the Democratic canidates in the Tennessee midterm electi
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:13 UTC
US CO2 Emissions Plummet Under Trump While The Rest Of The World Emits More...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/world/, /contrib/environment
'Thanks to President Trump's regulatory reform agenda'
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:12 UTC
France deliberately dropped off migrants in Italian woods, Salvini says...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/world/, /contrib/france
Italian anti-immigration leader Matteo Salvini has labeled French President Emmanuel Macron an "international embarrassment" after policemen were spotted dropping off migrants in an Italian forest on the countries' shared border.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:12 UTC
Migrant Caravan Makes Way through Guatemala Despite Trump Threats...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/world/, /contrib/honduras
A caravan of close to 2,000 Honduran immigrants is continuing to make its way through Guatemala to the United States, a day after President Trump warned Central American countries that they may lose American aid if they let illegal immigrants cross the U.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:11 UTC
Treasury employee charged with leaks to BuzzFeed about Trump associates...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/politics/
The senior adviser allegedly leaked financial reports, including information related to Mueller's probe.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 17:10 UTC
China to launch ‘artificial moon’ into SPACE to replace STREET LIGHTS...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/Asia/China/
CHINA is set to launch an artificial moon into space in 2020 with the aim to replace street lights, as the communist country's space programme becomes increasingly more powerful.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:35 UTC
Trump puts ex-Fox News anchor Heather Nauert on list for U.N. job...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/, /contrib/news_media
Former Fox News host Heather Nauert, who is currently spokesperson for the State Department, is reportedly on President Donald Trump's short list to replace Nikki Haley as U.N. ambassador.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:30 UTC
4Chan Sparks Mass Triggering With NPC Meme; Twitter Responds With Ban Hammer...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/, /contrib/memes
Not bad for a 400lb hacker...
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:19 UTC
What Is NPC, the Pro-Trump Internet’s New Favorite Insult?...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/, /contrib/memes
Twitter has barred hundreds of right-wing accounts for posing as soulless, nonplayable liberal activists.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:13 UTC
Allison Mack gets extra time to run errands while awaiting sex trafficking trial...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/entertainment/
Smallville actress Allison Mack has been granted more time outside of her home as she remains on pretrial house arrest for her role in allegedly recruiting women to join a sex-cult and branding them as slaves.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:11 UTC
Honduras, Guatemala move to stop migrant caravan after Trump threats...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/world/, /contrib/honduras
The Honduran Foreign Ministry called on its citizens not to join the group. Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernandez said in a public address on Tuesday evening some Hondurans in the caravan had already returned home and the government was preparing to support them. Over the border, Guatemalan
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 04:07 UTC
Ashleigh Banfield, Carol Costello, Michaela Pereira to Depart HLN as Network Cuts Back on Live News...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/news_media
CNN's sister news channel HLN is rejiggering its programming lineup, cutting back on live news shows that will see the departure of Ashleigh Banfield, Carol Costello and Michaela Pereira. "The current cable news landscape is dominated by politics.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 03:58 UTC
Roseanne Barr on Her 'Conners' Character Fate: 'I Ain't Dead, Bitches!'...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/entertainment/
Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to react to the premiere of ABC's "The Conners" on Tuesday night. The actress, who was fired from what was the network's "Roseanne" revival after an offensive tweet, seemed to object to the way her cha
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 03:56 UTC
YouTube Down: YouTube Fans Greeted By 500 Error Messages, Issue Rattles Online Community...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/google
YouTube is down and Google is mum, rattling the online community, who were greeted by '500 Internal Server Error' messages.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-17 02:56 UTC
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