Who is more important: the president's office and security officials or doctors

Newslookup.com: Timoschuk | 2020-12-23 08:16 UTC

Last week, the Verkhovna Rada approved the draft state budget for 2021.
The volume of expenses of the new budget is comparable to the current one. At the same time, the expected receipts to the treasury will be reduced by at least 247 billion hryvnia.
On the positive side, it is worth noting the forecasts of experts for economic growth by 4.6% with the officially expected inflation rate of 7.3% per annum. The revenues of the Ukrainian budget for 2021 are planned in the amount of 1 trillion 92 billion hryvnia. Budget expenditures - 1 trillion 328 billion hryvnia.
The maximum budget deficit should be no more than UAH 247 billion. At the time of approval, the expected budget deficit will be about 5.5% of GDP, while the law allows for a deficit of no more than 3%.
Budget planning has been particularly difficult this year. Between the first and second readings, there was an active process of adjustments to income / expense items.
I will not describe in detail all the items of expenditure, this has already been done many times by other journalists. I will dwell on a few.
So, next year, the cost of maintaining the president and his staff will amount to 1 billion 266 million hryvnia, against 909 million 058 thousand hryvnia this year. This amount is 39.4% more than this year. The expenses are provided for under the article "Service and organizational, information-analytical, material and technical support for the activities of the President of Ukraine and the Office of the President of Ukraine."
The expenditures of the law enforcement agencies will also be increased, for example, expenses for the State bureau of investigations will increase by UAH 1 billion 067 million 542 thousand (75%), at the Office of the Prosecutor General - by UAH 1 billion 931 million 466 thousand (25%), at National anti-corruption bureau - by 141 million 696 thousand hryvnia (15%).
With an increase in spending on anti-corruption bodies, UAH 36.6 billion were allocated for subsidies, which is UAH 2.7 billion (6.9%) less than this year.
Well, the most sharp issue in my opinion against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic is financing of the medical industry.
Even at the stage of budget formation, Minister of Health Maxim Stepanov announced that the allocated funds were insufficient. On the eve of the consideration of the draft budget, Stepanov asked for an increase in medical expenses to UAH 296 billion, but in fact the allocated amount turned out to be half as much - UAH 162,680 million.
For public health and measures to combat epidemics, UAH 2,644,712.7 are provided. In addition, an additional budget item will appear in 2021: 2.6 billion hryvnia for vaccinations against COVID-19.
Representatives of the Ministry of Health said that this amount should be several times higher. The National Health Service provides for expenses in the amount of UAH 123,650 million. This money, most likely, will not be enough to finance a number of important items of expenditure. Such as vaccinations, co-payments and salary increases for doctors, payment for treatment of patients with coronavirus, etc.
Instead of increasing salaries for doctors, deputies proposed introducing additional insurance payments to medical personnel and their families for coronavirus disease. The budget for this article is UAH 253 million.
If you put a question mark in the heading of the article, then I will immediately answer it - "always".
Fighting the opposition is costly. This is due to the increase in funding for National anti-corruption bureau, the State Bureau of Investigation and other departments.
At the same time, it is already obvious that the amount allocated in the budget is not enough to finance the medical industry and pay decent salaries to doctors fighting the coronavirus outbreak.

By Timoschuk on 2020-12-23 08:16 UTC
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