Electric motorcycles: A ride for Tesla to profitability | AlphaStreet...

alphastreet.com | 2018-07-05 18:05 UTC

Tesla's chief Elon Musk has surprised us earlier with Model 3 and Semi truck in the auto space, but will this stop? AlphaStreet believes it won't and the surprise would continue. Tesla lovers expect that it will awe the market with an electric motorcycle in the near future despite Musk's near-death incident fears. The electric motorcycle industry has got a huge growth potential and Tesla could take a pie out. Already Harley-Davidson, which had dominated the industry in the US with a market share of nearly 47%, has taken the advantage of Musk's fears and intends to bring out an electric motorcycle. Zero Motorcycles, which has been selling diversified electric motorcycles since 2006, opened a new exclusive dealership in Orange County, California recently. Picture Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons The escalation of electric motorcycles in the market has been on the upward trend of late. An ex-employee of Tesla has founded Rexnamo Electric in India with an aim to solve the electric

By Anonymous Submission on 2018-07-05 18:05 UTC
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