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Jonathan Kraft opens up about evolution of the Patriots, future of the NFL...
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Things have come a long way.
By patriotsports on 2018-10-03 01:03 UTC
#GamingBytes: Five PUBG Mobile tips to win 'chicken dinner'...
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PUBG remains the most popular battle royale on mobile devices. The streamlined game adds several features that set it apart from the main game. With more players flocking to PUBG Mobile, the battle royale is bound to get intense. We bring you 5 tips to win chicken dinner on PUBG Mobile.
By shubham400 on 2018-10-01 09:45 UTC
Patriots What NFL experts are predicting for the Patriots-Dolphins game...
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Sunday's game could be the doorway to some new territory for the Patriots.
By patriotsports on 2018-09-29 23:07 UTC
The FA might sell Wembley to Fulham owner Shahid Khan...
Wembley, one of the most elite football stadiums, might be sold to Fulham owner Shahid Khan. Reportedly, FA is in talks with its stakeholders regarding the sale and the price has been set at 600 million. However, a buyback clause might also be added to the deal. Further details follow.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-27 06:22 UTC
#GamingBytes: Meltan is the new mythical Pokemon...
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A few days ago, a mysterious Pokemon had appeared in Pokemon Go, which would transform into a Ditto, the moment it was captured. Some gamers also linked it to Kecleon, which hasn't appeared in-game. However, Professor Willow and Oak recently shared details about the mystery Pokemon.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-26 12:33 UTC
Commonwealth Games gold medalist Aware to be honored by SJAM...
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Commonwealth Games gold medallist grappler Rahul Aware has been chosen for the sportsman of the year award to be given by the Sports Journalists' Association of Mumbai (SJAM). Aware bagged the gold medal in 57 kg freestyle category during the CWG held at Gold Coast, Australia, earlier this year.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-25 08:28 UTC
Asia Cup 2018: Pakistan fans vent fury at Rashid Khan...
Afghanistan's spinner Rashid Khan was subjected to wrath by Pakistan fans in the ongoing Asia Cup 2018 Super Four battle. Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets in a tense match that saw momentum shifting consistently. Rashid excelled with figures of 3/46 and almost helped his side pull off a win.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-22 09:55 UTC
Friends to foes: Five biggest WWE betrayals of all time...
There have been numerous betrayals in WWE, mostly story-lines. However, in other cases, there have been real-life betrayals as well. Some have been just shocking, with long-time friends betraying one another, and managers betraying the wrestlers they represented. Here are 5 shocking WWE betrayals.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-22 08:40 UTC
#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go's invitation raids changed for the first time...
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Pokemon Go introduced invitation based EX Raids last year when they introduced Mewto. The exclusivity of the raids had long frustrated many gamers and developers Niantic is shaking things up. Apart from introducing a new Pokemon, they are also making the raiding system smoother for all gamers.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-21 12:25 UTC
This Is the Band That Will be Playing the Next Super Bowl Halftime Show...
Many are mad at the choice since the game will take place in Atlanta, a city known for being home to many successful musicians
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-19 19:24 UTC
#GamingBytes: 5 ways Blackout is better than Fortnite...
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COD's new battle royale game, Blackout, is still in its beta mode. However, it has already caught the gaming world in a storm. With the new foray of established game franchises like Call of Duty into the battle royale mode, established titles like Fortnite and PUBG are facing stiff competition.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-18 11:23 UTC
Five most iconic WWE moments of the past decade...
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Wrestling fans remember moments which define an era. Moments which get marked in wrestling history. Ask someone who watched wrestling in the 90s, and they will tell you moments like the 3:16 speech have defined the decade for them. Here we present to you the best 5 moments from the past decade.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-15 09:19 UTC
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Joins Players on Social Justice Issues...
National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell spent nine hours meeting with social justice advocates in New Orleans on Tuesday, to find out just how the league could help promote social justice issues.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-13 21:03 UTC
Colin Kaepernick Just Gave Thousands of Dollars to Pro-Abortion Activists...
Kaepernick must have learned that controversy pays bills.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-11 18:12 UTC
Albiol says Ronaldo will not manage 40 goals in Italy...
Napoli's defender, Albiol has said that it will be difficult for Cristiano Ronaldo to score 40 goals in Serie A. Interestingly, CR7 netted in 40+ goals season after season in Spain. Ever since joining Madrid in 2009, CR7 has remained the most prolific goal-scorer, with several records to his name.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-11 05:51 UTC
5 WWE storylines that would have been epic...
WWE thrives on great writing as fans love getting engrossed in storylines. Although, WWE has given us great stories over the years, some have been quite bad. On the other hand, there have been some insanely good ideas which did not reach fruition. Here are 5 amazing storylines that never happened.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-10 08:22 UTC
Harry Kane defends Sergio Ramos for Salah's injury in UCL...
England and Spain locked horns, on Saturday night, in a UEFA Nations League fixture where Southgate's men were defeated by Spain. More than the match Harry Kane's comment about Ramos and Salah has drawn attention. Kane defended Ramos for Salah's injury on the eventful night of Champions League final
By shubham400 on 2018-09-10 05:56 UTC
Serena Williams fined $17,000 for violations during the US Open final...
Serena Williams lost to Naomi Osaka in Saturday's U.S. Open final and called the chair umpire
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-09 20:10 UTC
Colin Kaepernick Celebrates as Dolphins Players Kneel During National Anthem...
On Sunday, Miami Dolphins wide receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kicked off game one of the NFL season by taking a knee during the National Anthem. Kenny Stillis said he would consider stopping if his buddy Colin Kaepernick were signed by an NFL te
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-09-09 20:06 UTC
5 story-lines WWE fans might love...
WWE works when fans are engrossed in the story-lines and cannot wait to know what happens next. McMahon and his team of writers have given some great storylines over the years which were loved and adored by the fans. Here we as WWE fans would like to present some ideas that we would love to witness.
By shubham400 on 2018-09-08 07:57 UTC
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