Ukrainians live 12 years less than Europeans Timoschuk | 2022-01-18 13:09 UTC

Along with economic and energy, Ukraine may soon face a demographic problem.
At first glance, there is nothing to worry about, and the statistics are very similar to the average European ones. Currently, the death rate exceeds the birth rate in almost all developed countries.
The rate of natural population decline in our country is equal to other European states. But at the same time, the average life expectancy of Ukrainians is on average 12 years less than that of Europeans. And this factor should be considered by our leadership.
The main reasons for the demographic decline according to the director of the Institute of Demography and Social Research. M. Ptukhi, academician Ella Libanova are living conditions and socio-economical indicators.
The difficult economic situation of the country naturally affects the living conditions of citizens. In addition, a large number of people work in harmful and dangerous conditions.
However, the determining factor, according to Libanova, is the unwillingness to lead a healthy lifestyle. According to the official statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), among the causes of high mortality, ecology and genetics each account for 20%, the healthcare system - 10%, and the remaining 50% is lifestyle.
In addition, Ukraine inherited the “strange phenomenon of the USSR” - the average life expectancy of men is 10 years less than that of women. Similar features are seen in other countries of the former USSR.
For natural population growth, every married couple must give birth to at least two children. And no one state in Europe has such indicators. And Ukraine is no exception.
According to official data, at present, the average life expectancy in Ukraine is 71.35 years, for men - 66.39, for women - 76.22 years. According to the WHO, in the list of 183 countries, Ukraine ranks 100th. Next to us in the ranking are Uzbekistan, Morocco, North Korea, Syria, Iraq, Moldova and Georgia. The closest European country is Bulgaria. It has an average life expectancy of 75.1 years.
At the same time, in the most developed European countries, such as Germany and the UK, people live an average of 81.5 years. The leader is Switzerland: its citizens live on average 84 years.
The so-called Life Expectancy Index is one of the main indicators of the socio-demographic development of the state. The life expectancy of citizens can speak about the effectiveness of the administrative apparatus and the social policy of the state.
And here we are faced with our unpleasant realities. Pensioners. In Europe, this is a category of people peacefully spending their old age under the care of the state. In Ukraine, pensioners are a category of people who are absolutely not needed to their country.
European pensioners are enjoying their retirement, while ours are trying to survive. Therefore, it is not surprising that grandparents in Ukraine do not live long after retirement.

By Timoschuk on 2022-01-18 13:09 UTC
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