Man who did Nazi salute with Tila Tequila outside Richard Spencer’s alt-right conference is Jewish, and it’s causing problems... | 2016-11-23 23:17 UTC

Someone purporting to be the man in the salute picture posted an anonymous blog entry explaining his actions and apologizing for them to the alt-right.

“As a half-jew posing with an Asian I figured it would be viewed for what it was, a joke,” the essay says. “Personally I do not have any problems with this gesture, as I think it is an inspirational expression of loyalty to, and pride in, our heritage.”

The anonymous blogger continued: “Despite being the product of the selfish act of miscegenation myself, I identify as European. The preservation of our race, our culture, and our way of life is more dear to me than any other part of my life. I lived first-hand through the violence caused by diversity. . . . None of the personal fallout since [the National Policy Institute event] has bothered me on any deep level, even my own Jewish father seeing my face on MSNBC giving the Roman salute caused me little concern. It was not until [vlogger Paul Ramsey who’s nicknamed] Ramzpaul called me a false-flagger that I was truly vexed.”

The anonymous blogger is not alone in being a Jewish person making common cause with racist anti-Semites, however. Many leading figures associated with the alt-right are also Jewish themselves including Ramsey, Cernovich, Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos, libertarian vlogger Stefan Molyneux and publishing entrepreneur Ezra Levant.

By moebandy on 2016-11-23 23:17 UTC
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