Potential DHS pick shows photographers his immigration proposals...

dailymail.co.uk | 2016-11-22 04:05 UTC

Looks like a sound solid plan.

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach accidentally showed reporters part of his strategic plan for reshaping the Homeland Security Department on Sunday. Here are the portions revealed by a photo enlargement:


I. Bar the Entry of Potential Terrorists

1. Update and reintroduce the NSEERS screening and tracking system (National Security Entry-Exit Registration System) that was in place from 2002-2005. All aliens from high-risk areas are tracked.

2. Add extreme vetting questions for high-risk aliens; question them regarding support for Sharia law, jihad, equality of men and women, the United States Constitution.

3. Reduce intake of Syrian refugees to zero, using authority under the 1980 Refugee Act.

[II. Deport] Record Number of Criminal Aliens in the First Year.

[4. Reinstate] 193,000 criminal removal cases dropped by the Obama Administration.

[5. ... ICE guidance memoranda adopted by Obama Administration; issue new guidance ... [to redefine "]criminal alien" as any alien arrested for any crime, and any gang member.

[6. ...] to repatriate their citizens who have committed crimes in the United States.

[7. ...] expedited 287(g) agreements with at least 70 cities and counties to enlist state and ... alien criminals.

... in addition to the 386 miles of existing actual wall within ... entire 1,989 miles planned for rapid build.

... under the PATRIOT Act to prevent illegal aliens ...

... immediately to forestall future lawsuits.

V. Stop ...

21. Issue regulations ... voter rolls. Direct ...

22. Direct the Department of Justice ...

23. Draft Amendments to National Voter ...

By aphrodite on 2016-11-22 04:05 UTC
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