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Maintaining those adorable beards is not only the fad for the B-town celebrities alone.Today, sportsmen, corporate professionals and even the guys next door are conscious about their beard styles. Whether you are obsessed with Virat Kohli’s ducktail beard style or the Van Dyke Goatee look of Johnny Depp, the emerging gray strands can be utterly frustrating.

With constantly appearing grays, three choices left- don clean shave look, gracefully accept your grays or cover the grays to continue with your existing beard do with the same confidence as before.

If you have decided to go with the last option, make sure choosing the [URL=]best hair colour for beard[/URL] . When coloring the beards, consider the following aspects so that you know everything before applying something on the facial area- relatively built of delicate skin that may be susceptible to reactions.

What is the difference between a beard color and the regular hair color?

Many people consider using the regular hair color on their beards as well to maintain uniformity. Well, there is a reason to do that, as this is also a hassle-free option- doing the entire job at a single instance.

There is a notable difference between regular hair color and beard color. The beard color products are gentle and offer temporary coloring results. The hair color products are generally meant for permanent coloring containing higher chemical concentrates. This is why using all-botanicals based beard color products is the safest option.

Is It Possible to Dye Gray Hair with Beard Color

If you are already using organic beard color for a while, choosing the same product for temporary hair coloring application is another good decision to keep your tresses healthy and free of harmful chemicals. In this case, you may have to repeat the color application bi-weekly depending on the new hair growth and other factors.

Steps to Dye Your Beard Using Organic Colors

• Clean your beard using a gentle shampoo- this will cleanse the dirt and germs off the area preparing the beard for coloring

• Dry the beards completely before applying the color

• Apply coconut or mustard oil around the beard area to avoid the color contact with your skin for staining issues

• Prepare the beard color as per the instructions on the packet (this may differ depending on the chosen brand)

• Wear plastic gloves when applying your beard dye using the applicator brush

• Allow 1-2 hours for drying the beard color completely

• Use cold water when washing the beard dye to ensure they remain soft and shiny for long

• Always apply a conditioner to ensure the hair strands get the proper nourishment as the ingredients in the dye may cause dryness to a certain extent

If you got it all right when applying the best hair dye for men beard styling, there is still sad news. You will have to do it again when the new beards start growing. At the same time, you must keep trimming the beard to maintain the existing growth or change to something new- maybe even better than the present pattern.

Now don’t get upset with your graybeards. Just color them naturally with mild organic beard hair colors without the risk of harmful chemical reactions.

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