Santa Clara County Being Sued...

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Mother Sexually Assaulted by CPS worker
By Catherine Gomes, Patch Poster | Mar 1, 2019 1:50 pm ET | Updated Mar 1, 2019 10:39 pm ET

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Santa Clara County Being Sued
Catherine Gomes (Photo of Catherine Gomes)
Santa Clara County is being sued. The case is Gomes et al vs. Santa Clara County. Attorney Timothy Gomes, an Attorney who had his home and practice in Palo Alto with Wife Catherine Gomes and daughter Isabelle was wrongfully harassed and his daughter was removed illegally in Palo Alto. The social worker who took such action was later sending emails threatening 7 month pregnant Catherine with physical violence and threats in writing,Ms. Rashonda Burns said she was associated with The Black Panther party. Upon removal of Isabelle she wore a hat with a Black Panther emblem, Mrs. Gomes asked if it was a Black Panther hat and Ms. Burns replyed "Yes". She was later removed for this conduct by Mr. Merker, Department Head of CPS.

The case Santa Clara County claims is based on Mrs. Gomes mental health issues which include ADD and Anxiety. The Gomes have offered to hire a nanny to assist Mrs. Gomes who now has 2 children with Husband Attorney Gomes. The second CPS worker Mr. Michael Shaheed committed Sexual Assault on the Mother in the presence of Mr. Gomes as outlined in the lawsuit Gomes et al vs. Santa Clara County.

Judge Tondreau is the Judge in the dependency action and has been very harsh on the parents in this case. He has not yet allowed the parents to have custody again despite the behavior of Mr. Shaheed and the constant change of Social workers which has caused them to lose time making the reunification deadlines.

In California you are allowed 18 months, this family was only allowed 12 months. The parents are going into court to ask this Judge for the return of both children contingent on a safety plan where mother is supervised by a nanny Paula Cundiff a former law librarian. The mother has agreed to leave or be removed by law enforcement upon any psychiatric episode occurring that warrants removal. Mrs. Gomes takes Lexapro and has become much less at risk of her anxiety symptoms. Her longstanding diagnosis is something she has lived with which while controlled with medication and therapy treatment poses no risk to her raising children. As stated by Forensic Psychiatrist Masura Fisher,"Mrs. Gomes is safe with her dependents"

The Parents are Religious Catholics, the Mother Catherine Gomes spends time in Church or praying she believes her faith will get her through this hard time. " I have prayed for Divine Intervention to our Virgin Mother in this case, so I sense she will save me. I truly have unwavering faith.", Catherine Gomes.

Her Attorney John Nieman head of the dependency Counsel and a very seasoned Dependency lawyer, has expressed that he expects mother to regain custody in this case. The case is on appeal and some of the County Counsel has had to answer to the California Bar Association for their "inappropriate" behavior toward Mrs. Gomes.

Currently the case is in the process of being reassigned to a new and hopefully more understanding County Counsel. The current social worker Ms. Michele Dove has expressed to the Family that she needs simply "more time" to allow a safety plan. This was stated about 1 week ago outside a hearing in Santa Clara County Court. She did not say how much more time.

Mrs. Gomes Appellate Lawyer Ms. Patricia Saucier stated that "lt is common when a parent is making progress for the County to allow for a continuance of permanency hearings".

The children are living with Catherine's brother Basil and his Wife Jenny and their children in New Jersey. The Stepanov's have expressed they will allow the Parents to see the children if the County does not permit reunification. The younger child is still only a few months over 1 year old. She was removed from the parents at birth by Social Worker Bob Beck, who stated. "If you can't take care of Isabelle why do you get to have your newborn" Kaiser hospital is also liable according to Attorney Gomes who is about to file suit.

The whole CPS action started when Isabelle disappeared from the Gomes' residence front yard in Palo Alto. Mother was watching her, but there is a video that Paul Kangas Private Investigator found out about which contains video of an individual picking the child up.

Attorney for the Parents Stan Goff can be reached at (415)571-9570 for comment.

The video is in the possession of PAPD. The Gomes would like to thank the Community for their support.

Attorney for the Parents Stan Goff can be reached at (415)571-9570 for comment.

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