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Group of GOP state attorney generals fire off letter to ATF opposing push to regulate gun parts...
Several GOP state attorney generals are opposing the Biden administration's efforts to regulate gun parts. In a recent letter to the acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), 20 officials argued the agency doesn
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-08-23 05:06 UTC
Remington offers $33 million to families of Sandy Hook school shooting victims...
Remington Arms Co on Tuesday offered to pay nearly $33 million to nine families to settle lawsuits claiming that its marketing of firearms contributed to the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut, where 26 people died.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-07-28 23:44 UTC
Andrew Cuomo Seeks Way to Sue Gun Companies as 'Public Nuisance'...
NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the re-instatement of a law designed to allow gun companies to be sued under the pretext of
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-07-07 16:53 UTC
Biden Accidentally Made the Best Case for Gun Rights Any President Ever Has...
During a news conference on Wednesday, President Joe Biden inadvertently made an incredibly pro-gun-rights argument.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-06-24 11:48 UTC
Bill Would Stop Local Gun Manufacturers From Making Guns Banned In Massachusetts...
Assault-style weapons have been banned in the state since 2004.
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-04-20 18:16 UTC
Smith & Wesson Stepping Up Production to Meet Record Setting Astronomical Demand for New Guns...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/gun_rights
Gun sales in 2020 have crushed the records set in any previous year by a hefty margin, with the combination of the coronavirus and nationwide race riots aided and abetted by the Democratic Party serving to convince millions of Americans who have never owned guns before that they need to arm
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-09-08 10:04 UTC
Gun Sales Up 80 Percent Amid COVID Shutdown and Violent Riots...
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More than 3 million background checks were conducted by the FBI's national instant check system last month, setting a monthly record for May and about a 32 percent increase over May of 2019.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-06-02 12:53 UTC
Trump on 2A: 'Liberate' Michigan, Minnesota & Virginia...
President Donald Trump posted a series of comments on Twitter and Facebook on April 17 urging people to liberate the states of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-04-17 16:14 UTC
No violence in Virginia pro-Second-Amendment rally as Ralph Northam's fearmongering falls flat...
On Monday, tens of thousands of people descended on the state capitol in Richmond to exercise the First Amendment in defense of their Second Amendment rights. But if all you'd done was follow liberal media reports and take your cues from Democratic po
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-20 22:11 UTC
Trump says Second Amendment is 'under very serious attack' in Virginia ahead of gun-rights rally...
President Trump on Friday declared the Second Amendment is "under very serious attack" in Virginia amid a contentious gun debate in the commonwealth and ahead of a controversial gun-rights rally in Richmond on Monday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-18 06:26 UTC
Judge denies attempt to overturn Gov. Northam’s gun ban...
RICHMOND, Va. – A judge has denied an attempt by pro-gun groups to overturn Gov. Ralph Northam’s temporary gun ban at the Capitol grounds.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 22:08 UTC
Deconstructing Governor Northam's Emergency Declaration Banning Guns: How 2A Supporters Are Responding...
Yesterday afternoon, Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) announced he would be enacting an emergency declaration, EO 49, temporarily banning weapons—including firearms— in Virginia's Capital Square leading up to Monday's annual Lobby Day in
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 17:25 UTC
Tucker Carlson Ponders a Virginia Boogaloo Against 2A Assault: 'Is There Going to be Some Pushback?'...
“Are people going to go along with this and just sit back and let a constitutional right evaporate, or is there going to be some pushback?” Carlson asked.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 17:22 UTC
Game-Changer: West Virginia Invites Virginia's Second Sanctuary Counties to Secede and Join the Pro-Gun State...
The following article, Game-Changer: West Virginia Invites Virginia's Second Sanctuary Counties to Secede and Join the Pro-Gun State , was first published on Big League Politics . West Virginia lawmakers are pushing a resolution inviting Virginia'
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 04:16 UTC
Virginia Gov. Northam Declares State Of Emergency, Says Threats Of Violence Possible At State Capitol...
It extends from Friday, January 17 at 5 p.m. until Tuesday, January 21 at 5 p.m.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-15 22:12 UTC
NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban...
The NRA will be handing out 1,000 30-round magazines in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday in the fight against Gov. Ralph Northam's gun grab.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-13 06:34 UTC
Local Navy Pilots asking President Trump to carry concealed weapons on military base...
About one month ago, on December 6th, an active shooter opened fire at Naval Air Base Pensacola. The gunman killed three people and injured eight others. Local Navy pilots said they trained at this facility and still have friends there. They said this tra
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-08 01:53 UTC
West Texas county declares itself a "2nd Amendment Sanctuary"...
Rural counties defend their right to bear arms.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-11-27 17:25 UTC
29-Year-Old Communist Bartender AOC Lectures Navy SEAL on How to Handle Firearms...
Communist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) on Wednesday lectured Congressman Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) on how to handle firearms. Dan Crenshaw served as a Navy SEAL for 10 years including 5 tours of duty in the Middle East and South Korea. Crenshaw lost his r
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-09-04 17:13 UTC

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