Soundtracks and Background Scores are my priorities - Tariq Hisny Newstoread | 2019-07-05 18:56 UTC

Sri Lankan composer Tariq Hisny started doing something new, which he hasn’t done yet.

The musician considers more on composing by doing soundtracks and background scores.

“I started working for soundtracks and background scores from this year as I consider more on composing. I think these would create more opportunities to me and further develop my career. Also these are my priorities among other musical activities.”

Tariq hasn’t released a song yet since 2017. According to him he made this break for learning.

“It’s quite long now, my last work was in 2017. To learn some essential lessons, I have made this break. Adding to Carnatic, theory, composition, film scoring and piano, I have now completed my music production lessons as well.”

Tariq has been working for Indian music industry since he released his debut album, Izhaar-E-Ishq, in 2016.

By Newstoread on 2019-07-05 18:56 UTC
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