What Is Ecommerce and Its Types

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With the intensive development over the past few decades of computer and Internet technology, an increasing number of modern people began to associate their activities with ecommerce. And thanks to the Internet, it has become available not only to large and medium-sized enterprises and companies but also to individual private entrepreneurs and ordinary people. All these lead to the popularization of the profession and big demand that make it harder to [URL=https://mobilunity.com/blog/reasons-to-hire-ecommerce-developers/]hire ecommerce developer[/URL] for your online retail solutions.

The Concept of ecommerce and Its Main Benefits
If to speak in an accessible language without complex terminology, then ecommerce is the implementation of trading and settlement operations using electronic data and other interactive capabilities. As today an increasing number of companies move from offline to online, they need to hire ecommerce developer in order to develop a platform to conduct their activity. Commerce in the network has great prospects and many advantages. That is why companies are looking thought ecommerce developer resume in order to find a person with ecommerce developer skills to create a project and receive the following advantages to their business.

An increased competitiveness among a variety of commercial structures. Moreover, this gives an opportunity to enter various international markets, while very little investment is required;
New channels for the sale of goods, products, and services, which are difficult to find in the real world. After all, this technology goes beyond the usual national framework - it spreads through the Internet all over the world;
Sellers, buyers, and suppliers are united into a single system;
for customers a huge selection of products, services, and products is presented among the existing leading suppliers in the world;
All operations are carried out in the shortest time in a time convenient for the consumer;
The ability to respond quickly to incoming requests;
The organization of commerce in the network is available to every novice businessman, and not only to large enterprises with solid investments.

ecommerce Types
Depending on the end user, there are the following types.

Business-to-Business or B2B. Models of this type are characterized by the automatic interaction of business processes of companies using the network when ordering suppliers, receiving invoices and payment.
Business-to-Consumer or B2C. This model characterizes the sector, focused on the work of companies with individual consumers of goods or services.
Business-to-Administration or B2A includes all types of transactions between companies and government organizations.
Consumer to-Administration or C2A. This model is currently in the initial stage of functioning. Its implementation will provide an opportunity to expand electronic interaction in such spheres of life, as, for example, social security.
Consumer-to-Consumer or C2C. This is a sector that covers the communication of consumers, united by visiting a particular website.

It is also possible to underline the types depending on the forms of organization.

Electronic shops. Usually, it is a website with product catalogs, a buyer's virtual cart and a list of possible payment methods. Delivery of goods in most cases is carried out by mail or, in the case of the purchase of electronic goods, directly over the Internet.
The rental of software and micropayments, within the framework of which a very small fee is taken from the client for the use of individual elements of the software product. The impetus for the development of this direction was the spread of Java technology, which assumes that some software components needed to perform certain tasks are pumped directly from the web server over the network.
Sale of information. This includes, for example, subscribing to databases in real time.
Electronic banks, which are characterized by relatively low costs of the organization and wide coverage of customers. Due to this, the electronic bank has the opportunity to provide customers with a wider range of banking and other services than a traditional bank and at a lower price.

Over the past 5 years, ecommerce has become a global factor. It is possible to say with confidence about its rapid growth in the world, which enables developers to realize their potential and the first step on this way is properly written ecommerce web developer resume.

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