Exclusive Interview with Håvard Claussen Martinsen: “Blockchain making waves in the society and rocking the world.” ...

blockcast.cc | 2019-10-04 13:34 UTC

Blockcast.cc: Good morning everyone. We have Håvard Claussen Martinsen today with us. He is a veteran investor and is a very familiar in the music industry. Without further delay, lets us welcome Håvard. Hi Håvard, ca you tell us more about yourself?

Håvard: Thanks for the time Jenny. My name is Håvard Claussen Martinsen and I am based in Norway. I have been working in the global music industry, merging my passion for music and humans with technology and innovation. My fields of competence are Business Development, Start-ups and Scale-ups, including international scaling. I have international experience and extensive network in Europe, US and South East Asia, including investors at stages of SEED steps and series A, B and C. He holds several board and advisor positions in the international Music Industry such as Limpi Music and also Co-founder of the Investment company TCM Capital.

Blockcast.cc: What are your views on the blockchain technology industry?

Håvard: Right now, for those who heard of blockchain, they probably know this term from the Bitcoin who made news headlines some time back. Blockchain is alot more than just Bitcoin. Entrepreneurs are still trying to know more about the technology and how it can work for their business. In fact, the technology behind blockchain can be used to ensure regulatory compliance, encourage customer loyalty, improve supply chain management, and increase data protection security.

We are just in the beginning of an exciting era! Just when it comes to smart contracts and distribution, it opens a wide range of possibilities. I think it will change the society even more than we can imagine and the need for decentralization is high.

Blockcast.cc: We share very similar concepts and ideas. Can you share an inspiring quote for our readers?

Håvard: Most certainly.


Blockcast.cc: I understand that you will be speaking at the “The Next Trends” during the Korea Blockchain Week. What topics are you covering?

Håvard: Yes you are right Jenny. I will be part of a panel titled “Blockchain Moving Beyond the Hype and Facing Reality”. I will be addressing to the blockchain “transformational” trends across a variety of industries in the next 5 to 10 years.

Blockcast.cc: I will look forwarding seeing you in Seoul on 1 October 2019 at Huobi Coffee Club. Thanks for your time once again.

Apart Fromm Havard, you will meet leading thinkers such as Yuanjie Zhang- Cofounder of Conflux (China), Tom Peng- Founder of Doge China (China), Shirley Yu- Director of OKex (China), Anndy Lian- Book Author of “Blockchain Revolution 2030” (Singapore), Sander de Bruijn- Investor Relations of Gaimin (Netherlands), Jenny Zheng- Cofounder of Blockcast.cc, Andrew Faridani- President of Breeze Max Web (Canada), Taka Okabe of Project Unicorn (Japan) and more will be speaking at the event too to share their global insights.

To register for this event, log on to https://onoffmix.com/event/194672.

By Blockcastcc on 2019-10-04 13:34 UTC
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