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China sentences founder of Anbang to 18 years in prison...
Chinese state media say a court in Shanghai has sentenced the founder of the Chinese insurance company that owns New York City's Waldorf Hotel to 18 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to fraudulently raising billions of dollars from investors.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-05-10 04:29 UTC
China now has cruise missiles on what started as a "fishermen's shelter" in the South China Sea...
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It recently installed anti-ship cruise missiles and surface-to-air missile systems on Mischief Reef, which is within the exclusive economic zone of the Philippines.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-05-03 15:00 UTC
China Has Reportedly Been Trying To Blind American Military Pilots With High-Powered Lasers...
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Chinese military personnel at a base in Djibouti are allegedly using high-powered lasers to harass American pilots flying over the East African country.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-05-03 14:55 UTC
China Assigns Every Citizen A 'Social Credit Score' To Identify Who Is And Isn't Trustworthy...
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China is rolling out a high-tech plan to give all of its 1.4 billion citizens a personal score, based on how they behave. But there are consequences if a score gets too low, and for some that's cause for concern.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-25 15:15 UTC
Trump Administration Mulling 'Emergency' Powers to Block Chinese Tech Investments...
The administration has explored the possibility of using the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to impose limits on investments from China in sensitive technology.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-21 01:29 UTC
Largest Chinese Naval Drill "In 600 Years" Begins: Live-Fire Exercise In Taiwan Strait...
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Last week, the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) assembled all of its most advanced warships, aircraft, and nuclear submarines for a massive show of force in the South China Sea. We explained , how the 3-day war drill from April 10 through 13 would
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-19 05:55 UTC
U.S. Considered Blacklisting Two Chinese Banks Over North Korea Ties...
U.S. officials alarmed by public displays of Pyongyang's nuclear and missile technology last summer considered blacklisting two of China's biggest banks from the U.S. financial system for doing business with North Korea, three people familiar with
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-13 15:45 UTC
China's President Promises 'Significantly Lower' Auto Tariffs...
President Xi Jinping of China announced in a speech Tuesday that he would aim to
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-10 04:48 UTC
Mnuchin: China trade dispute won’t have ‘meaningful impact’ on U.S. economy...
The Treasury secretary said a trade war with China remained possible, but he does not expect it to occur.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-08 16:49 UTC
Geoengineering: China To Make It Rain Over Area 3X Size Of Spain...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/, /contrib/Asia/China/
But globalists claim weather modification practices a conspiracy theory.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-08 16:48 UTC
Mnuchin: Not worried about China selling Treasurys, 'lot of buyers' for US debt...
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says he is not worried about China reducing its U.S. debt holdings as trade tensions between the two countries linger.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-06 18:13 UTC
China's latest show of military might...
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The Chinese navy has launched a week of live-fire exercises in the South China Sea, in just its latest show of military might. Just days after revealing it had carried out air force drills in the area, the country has launched the sea-based exercises invo
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-06 15:55 UTC
Russia to Join U.S.-China South China Sea Face Off After Vietnam Pact...
Russia has agreed to a new military cooperation roadmap with Vietnam which will allow joint military training and maneuvers.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-06 15:51 UTC
Trump threatens $100bn in additional US tariffs on China...
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US President Donald Trump has told his officials to consider an additional $100 billion in tariffs against China. A statement released by the White House
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-06 06:15 UTC
Will China’s free-trade ports become a game changer in Asia? -
Chinas plan to create free-trade ports as part of its ongoing reform and opening up could be one of the major announcements that President Xi Jinping is expected to make at Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) this week-end.
By PortToday on 2018-04-05 17:07 UTC
Larry Kudlow on tariffs: Blame China, not Trump...
President Trump's new chief economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, told Fox Business Channel on Wednesday that the economic standoff between the United States and China is "absolutely not" a trade war, adding that people should "blame China, not
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-04 14:53 UTC
China Lists $50B of US Goods It Might Hit With 25 Pct Tariff...
The country's tax agency gave no date for the 25 percent increase to take effect and said it will depend on what President Donald Trump does about U.S. plans to raise duties on a similar amount of Chinese goods ...
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-04-04 14:38 UTC
FCC wants Chinese tech out of US phones, routers...
U.S. officials are discouraging U.S. telephone and internet companies from purchasing Chinese technology that could be used for surveillance, Federal Communications Commissioner Ajit Pai announced Monday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-03-27 02:00 UTC
Best Buy to stop selling phones from Huawei; Chinese company has been accused of spying...
Huawei has been unable to sign up a U.S. carrier for its phones in the U.S. Lawmakers believe the Chinese tech giant has ties to espionage.
By viper1 on 2018-03-22 15:15 UTC
White House has 'strong evidence' China violates tech trade rules...
The White House says it has strong evidence that China violates U.S. trade law to force companies to give the country their intellectual property, evidence it may use to impose as much as $60 billion in tariffs as early as Thursday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-03-22 02:36 UTC
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