Union Minister Rao Inderjit Singh Inaugurated Transformed Govt. School Samarthala

Newslookup.com: TheReporter | 2022-08-18 10:22 UTC

New Delhi (Special Correspondent) Union Minister Rao Inderjit Singh, inaugurated the newly transformed Government Secondary School in Sarmathala village, Gurugram, Haryana, in an event organised in the school premises. The school has been transformed under the Transform Lives one school at a time program of S M Sehgal Foundation, a rural development NGO, with the aim to provide a stimulating environment for schoolchildren.
The renovation of the school began in 2021 and was handed over to the school administration and the school management committee upon successful completion. The school transformation initiative received invaluable support from children, teachers, the local community, and the school management committee.
Gracing the occasion, the Union Minister in his address stressed on promoting quality education and providing a conducive environment for children to study so that they can get better education. MLA Sh. Kunwar Sanjay Singh was also present at the event, besides other dignitaries.
The interventions done in the school, include construction of tanks for water storage with roof water harvesting technology, provision and repair of separate toilets for girls and boys, drinking water facility, repair of rooms, paint etc. Apart from this, playground levelling, pavements, tree plantation and beautification of the campus, whitewashing the school building, and educational messages on the walls have been written to arouse curiosity among children. S M Sehgal Foundation built capacities of the School Management Committee (SMC) members such that the work done in the school is taken care and maintained for a long time. SMC members are better aware about their roles and responsibilities now and effectively contribute in strengthening the Right to Education Act so that no child in the area remains deprived of education.
Ms. Anjali Makhija, Trustee and Chief Executive Officer of S M Sehgal Foundation said, “I sincerely thank the Honourable Minister for encouraging us by his visit to the school. The Transform Lives one school at a time program aims to bring about a positive change in schools in rural India to provide children with safer environments to study and have a brighter future. The program has been ongoing since 2016 and as of March 2022, over 110 schools have been transformed. Another major component of the program is digital and life skills awareness for youth that opens up new avenues for them.
In this program, Mr. Navneet Narwal, Associate Lead-Transform Lives, S M Sehgal Foundation, thanked the school administration, local community, and parents for their cooperation in the entire journey. He shared that over 28 schools have been transformed in Haryana under the program.
The team extended their heartfelt thanks to the Government Secondary School, Sarmathala for their contribution and the Puri family (from America) for their financial support for this work.
Seeing a safe and enhanced environment in the school, a new enthusiasm can be seen among the villagers. This will lead to increased enrolment and better retention of children.

By TheReporter on 2022-08-18 10:22 UTC
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