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 2021-02-25 20:00 

The Strait Times

Forum: Step up safeguards in patient care and consider options to prevent disputes over misconduct...

Traditionally, when a male doctor examines a female patient, there should be a chaperone (a third party) around to ensure there is no misconduct.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 20:00 

The Strait Times

Forum: Excerpts...


 2021-02-25 20:00 

The Strait Times

Forum: Quality service manager's role seems to be downplayed...

Quality service managers (QSMs) were introduced years ago by various ministries and statutory boards to get direct feedback from the public on their services.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 19:47 

The Strait Times

Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny moved from jail to unknown location, says lawyer...

Navalny's family members have reportedly not been informed of his whereabouts.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 19:12 

The Strait Times

New York prosecutors digging into Trump's tax, financial records...

NEW YORK (REUTERS) - After a lengthy court battle, the Manhattan District Attorney is in possession of Donald Trump's tax returns and other financial records as part of a criminal investigation into the former president and his family-run Trump Organi...

 2021-02-25 18:47 

The Strait Times

Twitter may let users charge their followers for special access...

Twitter gives the outline of a potential subscription product at an Analyst Day event.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 18:36 

The Strait Times

French film giant Gerard Depardieu protests innocence after rape charge...

Depardieu tells an Italian paper he has...

 2021-02-25 17:52 

The Strait Times

Driverless bus hits streets of Malaga in southern Spain...

The bus links Malaga's port to the city centre on an 8km loop that it does six times a day.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 17:39 

The Strait Times

Lady Gaga offers US$500,000 reward for two stolen dogs...

Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot while walking the dogs and two were stolen, while a third escaped.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 17:10 

The Strait Times

Football: Liverpool 'deeply saddened' by death of Alisson's father...

The club tweets a picture of Alisson accompanied by the title of the club's anthem, You'll Never Walk Alone. Read more at

 2021-02-25 16:59 

The Strait Times

Formula One: Verstappen 'not thinking' about succeeding Hamilton ahead of F1 season...

Verstappen is considered one of the few who could dethrone the F1 champion in 2021.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 16:52 

The Strait Times

Dutch parliament: China's treatment of Uighurs is genocide...

The Netherlands is the first European country to make such a statement.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 16:26 

The Strait Times

Britons welcome to holiday in Greece with or without coronavirus vaccine, minister says...

Britons with a vaccine certificate will not need to be quarantined or have a negative test before flying to Greece.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 16:21 

The Strait Times

Britain lowers Covid-19 alert level...

It drops it one notch from the highest possible as the pressure eases on health services.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 16:00 

The Strait Times

Thai PM Prayut says meeting with Myanmar's military envoy not endorsement...

He also denied that Thailand has joined Indonesia in becoming a mediator to solve the situation in Myanmar.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 15:41 

The Strait Times

Global military spending hit record levels in 2020 amid Covid-19 pandemic, says think-tank...

China accounted for 25 per cent of Asia's military expenditure.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 15:20 

The Strait Times

Tennis: Wild card Ebden shocks second seed in ATP S'pore Open...

World No. 39 John Millman beaten 6-4, 6-1 by Matthew Ebden, who is ranked 316th. . Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:58 

The Strait Times

Britain imposes more sanctions as Myanmar sees fresh clashes...

The military has weathered rounds of international condemnation.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:58 

The Strait Times

Tennis: Nadal pulls out of Rotterdam Open with back issue...

World No. 3 Daniil Medvedev will replace Nadal as the top seed.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:55 

The Strait Times

Berries World tuition teacher among 2 new Covid-19 community cases in S'pore...

The Singapore permanent resident developed a runny nose on Feb 23 after work.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:46 

The Strait Times

1 killed in MRT tunnel near Lavender, train services on East-West line disrupted...

It is unclear how the person had accessed the tracks.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:22 

The Strait Times

South Africa aims to vaccinate 1.1 million by end-March...

So far, more than 32,000 health workers had been given the Johnson & Johnson's shot. . Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:22 

The Strait Times

Japan fears Covid-19 will herald shift in power balance...

Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi signalled Japan's intent to take the lead in building a post-Covid-19 global order.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 14:07 

The Strait Times

Bangladesh vaccinates sex workers at largest brothel...

At least 11 brothels are operational across the South Asian country.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 13:51 

The Strait Times

China approves two more domestic Covid-19 vaccines, increasing number to four...

So far, China has not approved Covid-19 vaccines developed by Western drug makers.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 13:47 

The Strait Times

Motor racing: Formula One says racing in Africa is a priority...

LONDON (Reuters) - Formula One needs to have a grand prix in Africa and the absence of one is wrong, according to the sport's global director of race promotion Chloe Targett-Adams.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 13:42 

The Strait Times

Budget debates: MP expresses concern over calls to divulge size of reserves...
 2021-02-25 13:38 

The Strait Times

Budget debate: Alex Yam, Leon Perera clash over dipping into 'cookie jar' of reserves...

Alex Yam likening suggestions by opposition members to helping themselves out of a...

 2021-02-25 13:10 

The Strait Times

Budget debate: MPs call for stronger social compact to support vulnerable groups amid tight fiscal environment...

Singapore needs to guard against political and social divisions fractures in society sharpened by the Covid-19 pandemic.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 13:00 

The Strait Times

National shooters receive vaccination boost in Olympics qualifying bid...

Six shooters aiming for Tokyo have been vaccinated ahead of overseas competitions in India and Korea.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 12:59 

The Strait Times

Employment agency fined, loses licence after its lapse led to 5 workers coming here expecting different pay...

It did not ensure that the workers received a copy of the In-Principle Approval documents.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 12:55 

The Strait Times

ST News Night: Abuse of Myanmar maid who later died called act of 'extraordinary evil'...

SINGAPORE - Get the latest news and updates on The Straits Times' News Night.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 12:51 

The Strait Times

India-China economic ties expected to get back on track in the short term...

All indications are that India will allow more investment from China in non-critical or non-strategic areas.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 12:45 

The Strait Times

Budget debate: WP MP Gerald Giam moots 'fundamental reordering' of Progressive Wage Model for faster roll-out...

Gerald Giam suggested applying a basic wage floor of $1,300 to many sectors at once.. Read more at

 2021-02-25 12:34 

The Strait Times

Six charged over killing of 14-year-old by Paris youth gang...

The government has sounded the alarm over a surge in youth gang violence.. Read more at

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