About Newslookup.com

Newslookup.com is a news search engine, news aggregator, and news services provider founded by Michael Kynast in 2000.  We are the first news search engine to arrange search results by geo-source of the news organization and categorization by news media type (Newspapers, Television, Radio, Internet).

We are the first and only news search engine that allows the user to search and display results by document parts, including document body, meta keywords and meta description.  Our objective is to provide a categorized ideologically neutral aggregation of news.  Our search results are not censored, nor weighted in favor of any news organization.  We are the only news search engine that provides a multi-year time based run-down history of news as it was and is released.

For researchers Newslookup.com offers downloadable news archive access for free as well as free limited API access to our news crawler archive.  Our news archive history contains over  30+ million news links including full archived copies of news articles that are referenced by a countless number of websites, social media and books.

In 2004 Newslookup.com began presenting lead news headlines history from top news sites in a fashion referred to as region and topical editions. In addition a news wire service was launched by site, region and topic that provided XML/RSS feeds for many international and top news sites around the globe that lacked this service.  Today Newslookup.com continues to provides a variety of news feeds and custom search solutions.

Search Engine Key features

Configurable options at search time:

Headline Editions

Our headline editions continually monitor the home page and international news sections of leading news providers.  This provides lead headline history from these organizations throughout the day with a run down of the rapidly changing facts that occur during breaking news events.  Our headline editions are a great way to follow the days news events.  Headlines and feeds are updated continously from a select list of the most relevant media sites. As headlines are updated earlier versions remain listed and are sorted by date to provide a full history of reporting for a news event.

For more information about Newslookup.com, please refer to our FAQ.