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 2017-04-25 01:56

Caudate stimulation enhances human associative learning... +

Associative learning allows an individual to acquire an association between a sensory cue and an outcome resulting from a specific response. Associative learning plays a vital role in the ability to learn new associations that allow human beings to optima...

 2017-04-24 23:45 

Scientific American

The Administration's War on Facts Is a War on Democracy Itself... +

Politicians must not interfere with the free and open pursuit of science ...

 2017-04-24 23:24 

The Conversation

Can we design a better fuel economy label?... +

Everyone looks for price, but there are smarter ways to communicate fuel efficiency on car labels. Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock.comTransportation contributes approximately 26 percent to greenhouse gas emissions. As a result, governments around the world are ...

 2017-04-24 23:00 

National Geographic

NASA Gets Last Close Look at This Eerie Alien Moon... +

After a poignant farewell flyby of Saturns largest moon, NASAs Cassini spacecraft is on a collision course with the ringed planet itself....

 2017-04-24 22:35 


Ripple effects of New Zealand earthquake continue to this day... +

November tremor sparked slow, deep movements in Earths crust that increase the chances of a similar severe quake within a year....

 2017-04-24 22:35 


What happened at March for Science events around the world... +

Nature reported from marches in cities including Sydney, Washington DC and Paris, as people took to the streets in support of science....

 2017-04-24 21:22

Understanding malaria with mathematics... +

Mathematical formulas that model how deadly mosquito-borne diseases spread can help medical researchers accurately predict how real-life outbreaks develop and find countermeasures, report scientists....

 2017-04-24 21:22

Solving a cell membrane mystery... +

Scientists have developed new fluorescent probes that prove the existence of cell membrane structures called ‘lipid rafts’, allowing researchers to study how toxins and viruses invade cells....

 2017-04-24 21:22

In-flight, on-demand hydrogen production could mean 'greener' aircraft... +

Technion researchers have a developed safe and efficient way to produce hydrogen on board a plane in flight. Using aluminum particles and (fresh or waste), the technology could one day help meet in-flight energy needs on commercial aircraft....

 2017-04-24 21:21

Implanted scaffold with T cells rapidly shrinks tumors... +

A biopolymer structure enriched with nutrients shows how immunotherapy could be adapted for solid tumors, according to study in The Journal of Clinical Investigation....

 2017-04-24 21:21

Young adults with uncomplicated epilepsy fare as well as their siblings... +

A 15-year follow-up study of young adults with epilepsy found that those with uncomplicated epilepsy who were seizure-free for five years or more did as well as their siblings without epilepsy in measures of education, employment, family arrangements and ...

 2017-04-24 21:15 

Scientific American

Scientists and Science Supporters Marched--Now What?... +

Thousands congregated in the nation's capital and other cities in the U.S. and around the world to support scientific research and protest Trump administration–proposed budget cuts. Scientific... ...

 2017-04-24 21:14 


It's like Uber for flying electric taxis: Lilium is a 5-seater electric VTOL airplane... +

This electric "jet" can take off and land vertically, has a 300 km range, and could be summoned by an app for on-demand low-carbon travel....

 2017-04-24 21:08

Gut bacteria may turn common nutrient into clot-enhancing compound... +

Gut bacteria can produce a clot-enhancing compound when people eat a nutrient found in a variety of foods including meat, eggs and milk, according to new research....

 2017-04-24 21:08

Solving the hepatitis C epidemic among people with substance abuse disorders... +

One of the most dramatic medical success stories in recent years has been the introduction of new drugs that eradicate hepatitis C virus (HCV). But it's a different story among HCV patients with substance use disorders. This population typically does not ...

 2017-04-24 21:08

HEART score to risk stratify patients with chest pain is safe but underutilized in the ED... +

It is safe for physicians to use the HEART (History, ECG, Age, Risk factors, and initial Troponin) score to make decisions about admission, observation, or discharge in patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. However, hesitance to...

 2017-04-24 21:08

Heavy precipitation speeds carbon exchange in tropics... +

New insight into how forests globally will respond to long-term climate change has been gained by recent research. The new work suggests that climate-change driven increases in rainfall in warm, wet forests are likely to cause increased plant growth. Plan...

 2017-04-24 21:08

How fear of death affects human attitudes toward animal life... +

When reminded of death, humans become more likely to support the killing of animals, no matter how they feel about animal rights, researchers have found. Psychology's terror management theory may explain why. The researchers' findings could also help scie...

 2017-04-24 21:07

Genetic target for growing hardier plants under stress... +

In a new investigation, researchers have identified two proteins that regulate whether a cell in plant roots forms a hair cell, which increases surface area for absorption, or a non-hair cell. Plants that overexpressed one of these regulators thrived desp...

 2017-04-24 21:07

Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics... +

Synthetic rubber and plastics -- used for manufacturing tires, toys and myriad other products -- are produced from butadiene, a molecule traditionally made from petroleum or natural gas. But those humanmade materials could get a lot greener soon, thanks t...

 2017-04-24 21:07

'Alarmingly high' risk of death for people with opioid use disorder in general medical care... +

Almost one-fifth of patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) in a large healthcare system died during a four-year follow-up period, reports a new study....

 2017-04-24 21:07

Brain stimulation during training boosts performance... +

New research shows that working memory training combined with a kind of noninvasive brain stimulation can lead to cognitive improvement under certain conditions. Improving working memory or cognitive strategies could be very valuable for training people f...

 2017-04-24 21:07 

Scientific American

Killer Cats Bash Biodiversity... +

Peter Marra, director of the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center, talks with journalist Rene Ebersole about the threat of outdoor cats to wild animals and to human health. Marra is the co-author, with... ...

 2017-04-24 20:55 

Universe Today

What is the Average Surface Temperature of Mercury?... +

Because of its extremely eccentric orbit, slow rotation, and lack of an atmosphere, Mercury experiences extreme variations in surface temperature. The post What is the Average Surface Temperature of Mercury? appeared first on Universe Today....

 2017-04-24 20:46 

Universe Today

Into The Submillimeter: The Early Universes Formation... +

A new study of distant, early galaxies helps us understand the early days of our Universe. The post Into The Submillimeter: The Early Universe’s Formation appeared first on Universe Today....

 2017-04-24 20:44 

National Geographic

12 Penguin Portraits Show Personality... +

Celebrate World Penguin Day, April 25, with stunning pictures of these beloved birds....

 2017-04-24 20:27

Upward mobility has fallen sharply in US: study... +

In a sign of the fading American Dream, 92 percent of children born in 1940 earned more than their parents, but only half of those born in 1984 can say the same, researchers said Monday....

 2017-04-24 20:25

Sex, lies and physics: 'Genius' drama is Einstein tell-all... +

The unparalleled brilliance and puckish wit? Check. The trademark wild mop of hair? Check. The marital infidelity and free-wheeling sex?...

 2017-04-24 20:24

Team identifies genetic target for growing hardier plants under stress... +

The function of a plant's roots go well beyond simply serving as an anchor in the ground. The roots act as the plant's mouth, absorbing, storing and channeling water and nutrients essential for survival....

 2017-04-24 20:23

Researchers invent process to make sustainable rubber, plastics... +

Synthetic rubber and plastics - used for manufacturing tires, toys and myriad other products - are produced from butadiene, a molecule traditionally made from petroleum or natural gas. But those manmade materials could get a lot greener soon, thanks to th...

 2017-04-24 20:03 


Photo: Water and mist meet sunlight, magic ensues... +

It's hard to surpass a sunrise over steaming water....

 2017-04-24 20:01 


10 things not to replace once theyre used up or broken... +

Learning to live without these unsustainable and/or unhealthy items is easier than you think. Tips and inspiration, here....

 2017-04-24 20:00

Beetles have been mooching off insect colonies for millions of years... +

The behavior, called social parasitism, has been going on for about 100 million years....

 2017-04-24 19:58

Citizens can productively change politics by taking the law to court... +

If you think threatening suit is a conversation stopper, think again. Citizen lawsuits can actually promote compromise between lawmakers and influence decisions to pay for public goods like clean water, air, and health care....

 2017-04-24 19:58

Heavy precipitation speeds carbon exchange in tropics... +

New research by the University of Montana and its partner institutions gives insight into how forests globally will respond to long-term climate change. Cory Cleveland, a UM professor of terrestrial ecosystem ecology, said that previous research in the we...

 2017-04-24 19:57

'Celestial Sleuth' credits Messier with discovery 238 years after the fact... +

The Ring Nebula is one of the most spectacular deep-sky objects in the heavens. It is easily located by backyard astronomers, intensely studied by astrophysicists and relied upon for show-stopping images on countless book covers and calendar pages....

 2017-04-24 19:38

Scientific discovery game significantly speeds up neuroscience research process... +

A new scientific discovery game called Mozak is allowing video gamers to significantly speed up reconstructing the intricate architecture of brain cells, a fundamental task in 21st century brain science. These citizen scientists have outperformed computer...

 2017-04-24 19:38

Global warming making oceans more toxic, breaking climate change research shows... +

Climate change is predicted to cause a series of maladies for world oceans including heating up, acidification, and the loss of oxygen. A newly published study demonstrates that one ocean consequence of climate change that has already occurred is the spre...

 2017-04-24 19:32

Cassini completes finaland fatefulTitan flyby... +

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has had its last close brush with Saturn's hazy moon Titan and is now beginning its final set of 22 orbits around the ringed planet....

 2017-04-24 19:25

Discovery offers new hope to repair spinal cord injuries... +

Scientists have created a special type of neuron from human stem cells that could potentially repair spinal cord injuries. These cells, called V2a interneurons, transmit signals in the spinal cord to help control movement. When the researchers transplante...

 2017-04-24 19:25

Stem cells help researchers identify neuronal defects causing Angelman syndrome... +

Researchers have used stem cells derived from patients with Angelman syndrome to identify the underlying neuronal defects that cause the rare neurogenetic disorder, an important step in the ongoing search for potential treatments for Angelman and a possib...

 2017-04-24 19:25

Facing nightmare scenarios before discharge lifts confidence of parents of babies in NICU... +

The key to improving confidence among parents of ill or premature infants may lie in simulated care, found new research. A new study found simulations of daily care and worst-case scenarios helped parents of newborns in NICU build confidence, reduce anxie...

 2017-04-24 19:25

Lyme disease researchers seek consensus as number of cases grows... +

Scientists have built a large body of knowledge about Lyme disease over the past 40 years, yet controversies remain and the number of cases continues to rise. In the United States, reported cases of Lyme disease, which is transmitted from wild animals to ...

 2017-04-24 19:24

Simple technique produces stronger polymers... +

Plastic, rubber, and many other useful materials are made of polymerslong chains arranged in a cross-linked network. At the molecular level, these polymer networks contain structural flaws that weaken them....

 2017-04-24 19:22

Study finds Samsung's S8 phones more prone to screen cracks... +

Samsung's latest phones feature big wraparound screens and lots of glass. They also appear to break more easily, according to tests run by SquareTrade, a company that sells gadget-repair plans....

 2017-04-24 19:21

Fossils may be earliest known multicellular life: study... +

Fossils accidentally discovered in South Africa are probably the oldest fungi ever found by a margin of 1.2 billion years, rewriting the evolutionary story of these organisms which are neither flora nor fauna, researchers said Monday....

 2017-04-24 19:20

Converting coal would help China's smog at climate's expense... +

China's conversion of coal into natural gas could prevent tens of thousands of premature deaths each year. But there's a catch: As the country shifts its use of vast coal reserves to send less smog-inducing chemicals into the air, the move threatens to un...

 2017-04-24 19:20

France probes Peugeot over emissions cheating... +

France on Monday opened a judicial enquiry into allegations carmaking giant PSA cheated on diesel pollution tests in the latest twist in a huge emissions scandal which hit the industry in 2015....

 2017-04-24 19:17 


LeGrow is a smart garden system you build with LEGO-like modular blocks (Video)... +

Perfect for small city apartments, this system allows you to use a variety of add-on components to build your own indoor garden....

 2017-04-24 19:16

Fermi catches gamma-ray flashes from tropical storms... +

About a thousand times a day, thunderstorms fire off fleeting bursts of some of the highest-energy light naturally found on Earth. These events, called terrestrial gamma-ray flashes (TGFs), last less than a millisecond and produce gamma rays with tens of ...

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