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 2017-05-29 05:01 


Is a Stroke in Your Future?... +

Having diagonal creases across your ear lobes may mean you are at increased risk of suffering a stroke, according to new research. Scientists who examined 241 people who had experienced a stroke found more than three-quarters of them had the mark, known a...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Demolition of the Left... +

Egalitarianism as a Revolt against Nature, and Other Essays is vital reading for anyone interested in the thought of Murray Rothbard. The book is his comprehensive effort to present libertarianism as a science of liberty. In order to grasp libertarianism ...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Can a Heart Be Hacked?... +

A tech security evaluation has found a whopping 8,000 software vulnerabilities in the code of pacemakers. Security research firm WhiteScope carried out the assessment on implantable cardiac devices, physician programmers and home monitoring devices for fo...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Telling the Truth About JFKs Murder... +

As we commemorate JFK’s 100th anniversary, we find the media regurgitating their failed propaganda and covering-up the truth about his murder and the conspiracies surrounding it. LRC readers have always been consumed with the search for the truth, w...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Manchester, Berlin, Paris, Nice, London, New York... +

This article reviews the mysterious phenomenon of IDs and Passports of terror suspects routinely discovered (often in the rubble) in the wake of a terrorist attack. In most cases the alleged suspect was known to the authorities. Is there a pattern? The ID...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Spain Is Holding Catalonia Hostage... +

Imagine you are in a book club. For a few years, it was great, you liked the books and the discussion with members. But then, the club started reading steamy romance novels that you just werent into and would not entertain your opinions for other material...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


The Real Story of Zbigniew Brzezinski... +

Zbigniew Brzezinski, former national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter, died Friday at a hospital in Virginia at the age of 89. Though the New York Times acknowledged that the former government advisor was a hawkish strategic theorist, misreprese...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Would Jesus Celebrate it?... +

Memorial Day, as we all know, is not just the official beginning of the summer vacation season. It is a federal holiday that commemorates U.S. soldiers who died in military service for their country. Although it was first observed in honor of Union soldie...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Were Dealing With a New Type of War Lie... +

When the U.S. public was told that Spain had blown up the Maine, or Vietnam had returned fire, or Iraq had stockpiled weapons, or Libya was planning a massacre, the claims were straightforward and disprovable. Before people began referring to the Gulf of ...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Give It Your Best Shot... +

Americans know this phrase: “Give it your best shot!” Have you ever given anything your best shot? Coaches use this phrase: “He gave 110%.” When was the last time you gave 110%? Never forget the Pareto 20/80 distribution. About 20%...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


America Invaded... +

Fantastic, I know. Perhaps you are thinking, what is this a post about the War of 1812? After all, that might be the last (if not only) time that one would consider the statement in the title to be true. It has long helped that the United States was prot...

 2017-05-29 05:01 


Bad News for Gun Grabbers... +

In addition to being historys greatest gun salesman, Barack Obama did the best job of convincing John Q. Public there really is a need for concealed carry. John Q. paid attention and turned out by the thousands. Also under Obamas watch the last two concea...

 2017-05-29 04:33 


Biden Says NJ Governor's Race Is Country's Most Important... +

Biden Says NJ Governor's Race Is Country's Most Important...

 2017-05-29 04:20 

The Conservative Tree House

May 29th 2017 Presidential Politics Trump Administration Day #130... +

In an effort to keep the Daily Open Thread a little more open topic we are going to start a new daily thread for Presidential Politics. Please use this thread to post anything relatin...

 2017-05-29 04:15 

The Conservative Tree House

Monday May 29th Open Thread... +

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive ...

 2017-05-29 04:15 

Fox News

[ Politics ]

Trump reportedly mulling major overhaul to White House staff... +

President Trump is reportedly considering a major shakeup to his White House staff and bringing back top campaign strategists over his frustrations by what he sees as his teams inability to contain the crisis involving alleged Russian interference in the ...

 2017-05-29 04:01 

Washington Examiner

On hallowed ground, a 70-year-old Memorial Day tradition... +

The solemn ritual is called ...

 2017-05-29 04:01 

Washington Examiner

Tuesday Group regroups after MacArthur resignation... +

MacArthur's resignation happened at their Tuesday meeting, sparking talks about what's next for the group and how they should operate now th......

 2017-05-29 04:00 

National Review

Oslo Journal, Part I... +

I might as well start with something vulgar. Later in this journal, there will be the elevated, and the horrifying. Anyway, Im always amazed at the height of the urinals in the Oslo airport -- high. What if youre a short Norwegian (or a short anybody)? Yo...

 2017-05-29 03:30 

Crooks and Liars

Open Thread - Man Baby President Once Again... +

Trump is back in the United States, on Twitter and doing the usual pic.twitter.com/Qa2p7JPyIC — RiotWomenn (@riotwomennn) May 28, 2017 Open Thread below......

 2017-05-29 03:16 

The Gateway Pundit

Maxine Waters: Public Getting Weary that Trump Not Impeached Yet (Video)... +

Democrat mouthpiece Maxine Waters is having a hard time understanding why President Trump is still in office. She doesn’t quite ... The post Maxine Waters: Public Getting Weary that Trump Not Impeached Yet (Video) appeared first on The Gateway Pund...

 2017-05-29 03:06 


The Most Outrageously Liberal Scripted TV Quotes of 2017 (So Far)... +

As previously demonstrated in this space, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC are relentless in attacking conservatives, Christians, and President Trump. Here’s the thing: It’s not just in their morning and evening newsca...

 2017-05-29 03:00 

Crooks and Liars

C&L's Music Club Remembers Gregg Allman... +

Legendary guitarist and one of the inventors of southern rock has passed away at the age of 69. Rest In Peace Gregg Allman. What are you listening to tonight?...

 2017-05-29 02:56 

Michelle Malkin

Memorial Day 2017... +

Cox and Forkum***Here's Civil War Gen. John Logan's Order Number 11 designating ...

 2017-05-29 02:47 

The Gateway Pundit

CREEPY: Mysterious Red Strobe Lights Flash From Inside The White House (VIDEO)... +

Well this is odd. WSVN anchor Robbin Simmons tweeted out a video of red flashing lights from inside the White ... The post CREEPY: Mysterious Red Strobe Lights Flash From Inside The White House (VIDEO) appeared first on The Gateway Pundit....

 2017-05-29 02:32 


A (Northern) Irish Reader Comments On Portlands Cultural Appropriation Taboo... +

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Portland Burrito Truck Shut Down [...]...

 2017-05-29 02:20 

Pamela Geller

Taliban rejects UN call for halt in hostilities during Ramadan as ignorance of religion Taliban rejects UN call for ceasefire during Ramadan as ignorance of religion... +

Our fight is Jihad and an obligatory worship. And every obligatory act of worship has 70 times more reward in Ramadan, a statement quoted spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid as claiming....

 2017-05-29 02:18 


New York Times Can't Figure Out 'What Led Salman Abedi to Bomb the Manchester Arena'... +

In an attempt to build up its already "We'll never really know why they did it" file relating to Islamist radicals who have taken innocent lives, three reporters at The New York Times composed a 1,900-word report Saturday evening (for Sunday...

 2017-05-29 02:02 


DHS Chief John Kelly ‘Might’ Ban Laptops from All International Flights... +

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said he "might" ban all laptops from international flights departing from and arriving in the U.S. on Fox News Sunday....

 2017-05-29 02:00 

The Atlantic

The Leftovers: Seeing Double... +

Kevin took another trip to get to grips with himself....

 2017-05-29 01:55 


Biden Blasts Dems for Ignoring Working-Class Voters… While Campaigning for ‘Greedy’ Ex-Wall St. Exec... +

Former Vice President Joe Biden blasted Democrats for ignoring working-class and middle-class voters. But he slammed his own party while campaigning for a former Goldman Sachs executive who has been ridiculed for being more fond of “flying his Gulfstream ...

 2017-05-29 01:52 


Breitbart News Daily: Memorial Day... +

On the Monday edition of Breitbart News Daily, broadcast on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125 from 6AM to 9AM Eastern, Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow and Breitbart Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle will lead our special Memorial Day episode. We’...

 2017-05-29 01:47 

The Hill

Biden blasts Dems for ignoring working-class concerns... +

Former Vice President Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden blasts Dems for ignoring working-class concerns The Hill's 12:30 Report Cornell unveils Biden ice cream MORE questioned Democrats' strategy to win over middle-class voters at a rally Sunday, saying t...

 2017-05-29 01:46 

The Gateway Pundit

Trainwreck Angela Merkel: Germany Can Not Depend on Donald Trump... +

Trainwreck Angela Merkel told reporters after the G7 meetings Germany can no longer depend on Donald Trump. Guess she will ... The post Trainwreck Angela Merkel: Germany Can Not Depend on Donald Trump appeared first on The Gateway Pundit....

 2017-05-29 01:42 

The Daily Caller

Trump Admin Tailors Grant To Encourage Local Law Enforcement To Enforce Immigration Laws... +

'To promote a lawful system of immigration'...

 2017-05-29 01:39 


Wish We Would Hear You Say These Names: Dan Rather Calls on Trump to Acknowledge Portland Victims... +

Dan Rather has been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump's. But on Sunday, the former CBS news anchor tried a different approach attempting to appeal to Trump in an emotional open letter....

 2017-05-29 01:21 

The Daily Caller

Here's The Erdogan Henchman Who Choked A Female Protester In Turkish Embassy Attack... +

The Daily Caller has identified three of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan's bodyguards who were involved in a brutal attack against peaceful protesters....

 2017-05-29 01:19 

The Conservative Tree House

Senator Bob Corker Full of Praise for President Trumps International Trip... +

Suspicious cat remains increasingly suspicious whenever a sketchy GOPe member presents public praise. From Senator Bob Corker:...

 2017-05-29 01:18 

Oath Keepers

Debunking the Myth of Canned Food Expiration Dates, by T.L.... +

By Hugh James Latimer | May 28, 2017 Canned Goods Even if youre not yet a prepper, you likely have at leastsomecanned food goods on your shelf with an expiration The post Debunking the Myth of Canned Food Expiration Dates, by T.L. appeared first on O...

 2017-05-29 01:17 

McClatchy DC

Renowned filmmaker Ken Burns latest project will explore the Vietnam War... +
 2017-05-29 01:07 

The Daily Caller

Chicago Mayor On Clinton 2020 Bid: 'It's Not A Good Question'... +

Rahm Emanuel refused to fully address questions about Clinton's potential run in 2020...

 2017-05-29 01:01 

Heat Street

Paris Mayor May Ban Afro-Feminist Festival Because it Blocks White Men From Attending... +

Some sane initiatives in France....

 2017-05-29 01:00 

Daily Kos

Who wants to be the next H.R. McMaster?... +

Would you work for Donald Trump?  Let’s say you’re a near 40-year Army veteran, silver star winner, and one of the most celebrated soldiers of the Iraq War. You wrote a book, Dereliction of Duty, about the failure of military officers to be honest with t...

 2017-05-29 01:00 

The Atlantic

North Korea Launches a Missile Into the Sea of Japan ... +

The latest test came from the countrys east coast, and flew 280 miles....

 2017-05-29 01:00 

Crooks and Liars

George Takei On Racist Critics Of Star Trek: 'Some Of These Trolls Go On To Be Presidents'... +

Actor and activist George Takei on Sunday pushed back against "trolls" on the Internet who are upset because the new show Star Trek Discovery will have a diverse cast. The racist opposition to the new CBS spinoff boiled over last week after the show's fir...

 2017-05-29 00:59 

The Hill

Trump: Fake news media doesn't 'want America to hear the real story!'... +

President Trump tweeted several times Sunday evening, attacking the Fake News Media for criticizing his social media habits.The Fake News Media works hard at disparaging & demeaning my use of social media because they don't want America to hear the re...

 2017-05-29 00:58 

The Daily Caller

FLASHBACK: Marine Shares Humorous Story About Fallen Marine For Memorial Day... +

Sports writer Chaps McNeal, aka Uncle Chaps, shared a touching and humorous story about his friend and fallen Marine Nate Diaz in 2016....

 2017-05-29 00:51 

The Daily Caller

Anti-Trumpers Use Kayaks In Tournament Protest... +

Protester ...

 2017-05-29 00:46 


DHS Chief Kelly: Any Channel of Communication With a Country Like Russia Is a ‘Good Thing’... +

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said of reports that President Donald Trump’s son-in-law White House senior adviser Jared Kushner attempted to set up a back channel with Russia that it was “not a...

 2017-05-29 00:40 


Denver Post Writer Under Fire for Tweeting He Was Very Uncomfortable With Japanese Drivers Indy 500 Win... +

A Denver Post writer is facing Twitter backlash for a Tweet he sent after Sunday's Indianapolis 500....

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