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Excerpts from the Paul Pelosi Story Elon Musk Tweeted and Then Took Down...
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As reported earlier today, Elon Musk called out Hillary Clinton for sharing a LA Times article that aimed to paint Paul Pelosi's "attacker" David DePape as a far-right conspiracy theorist. Musk would respond to Clinton by tweeting "There i

Affirmative action is at death's door at the Supreme Court...
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The end of affirmative action, at least on college campuses, is almost certainly near. The big picture: The Supreme Court said in 2003 that colleges and universities could consider race as a factor when deciding which students to admit, for the sake of bu

PROMISE MADE: Musk Will 'Look Into' Election Censorship On Twitter...

Elon Musk says he will "look into" increased censorship on Twitter during the 2022 election season.

Musk fired four Twitter executives 'for cause' as part of 'attempt to avoid paying out MILLIONS'...
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Elon Musk has reportedly fired top Twitter executives 'for cause', meaning they will be ineligible for their promised payouts. The move is likely to be challenged in court.

Enormous meteor strike blows 500 foot-wide crater into Martian surface...
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One of the biggest meteor strikes ever witnessed in the solar system has been recorded by two different Mars missions.

Kanye West has a disturbing history of admiring Hitler, sources tell CNN...
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Several people who were once close to the artist formerly known as Kanye West told CNN that he has long been fascinated by Adolf Hitler and once wanted to name an album after the Nazi leader.

Pranksters posing as laid-off Twitter employees trick media outlets: 'Rahul Ligma'...
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A pair of pranksters posing as laid-off Twitter employees tricked multiple media outlets Friday as the public anxiously awaited news on whether Elon Musk had begun axing staffers. CNBC's Deidre Bos...

Elon Musk says Twitter will have a 'content moderation council'...

Elon Musk, Twitter's new owner, announced plans for a content moderation council to dictate policy and review major account reinstatements.

Binance Wants to Use Crypto to Solve Elon Musk's Supposed Bot Problem...
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Binance hypothesized it could potentially build "on-the chain" solutions to address the proliferation of bots.

20 Biggest Companies in the World by Employees...
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In this article, we will be taking a look at the 20 biggest companies in the world by the number of employees. To skip our detailed analysis, you can go directly to see the 5 biggest companies in the world by employees. Most companies judge themselves, an

Chevron's $11.2 billion quarterly profit soars past estimates...
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Chevron Corp on Friday reported its second-highest ever quarterly profit, blasting past analysts' estimates, driven by soaring global demand for its oil and gas and rising production from its U.S. oilfields. The surge comes as oil companies book mount

Illegal immigration set records this year, but Democrats kept border funding flat...
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Democrats made no move to boost funding for U.S. border operations even as a record-setting surge took place that led to more than 2 million migrant encounters.

There May Be 4 Quintillion Alien Spacecraft Buzzing in Our Solar System...
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Five years ago a very strange objectmaybe a thousand feet long, oblong, shiny and faststreaked across space, tens of millions of miles from Earth. Its course and speed indicated it had come from outside the solar system. A visitor from another star. Astronomers dubbed the thing OumuamuaHawaiian for

Meta stock plunges 11% as quarterly revenue falls for a second straight time...
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Shares of Meta dropped sharply on Wednesday after the company reported falling revenue for a second straight quarter, and projected another decline in sales for the final quarter.

The Rental Market Is Cooling. Official Inflation Data Won't Show It Any Time Soon....
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One of the heaviest components of the consumer price index is a lagged indicator. That's a confounding problem for the Fed, writes Jay Parsons.

Potential cancer breakthrough: Scientists develop a drug that can block cancer-causing gene...
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A team of Spanish scientists has developed a mini protein that, when injected, can slow the growth process of different types of tumors. The injection was deemed safe for cancer patients.

TRAPPIST-1 Planets May Be Far More Habitable Than We First Thought...
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At 40 light years away from Earth, TRAPPIST-1's four Goldilocks zone planets are one of the prime candidates for finding extra-terrestrial life.

Thirty Progressive House Democrats Urge Biden to Negotiate With Russia...
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A group of progressive House Democrats is urging President Biden to negotiate with Russia and seek a diplomatic solution to the war in Ukraine. In a letter to Biden signed by 30 House Democrats, the lawmakers said they have supported Bidens Ukraine policy but that the risk of nuclear war and

Quebec separatist party calls on Canada to split with British monarchy...
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Canada's Quebec separatist party on Tuesday called on the federal government to sever ties with the British monarchy, saying the recent transfer of the crown to King Charles was an opportunity to do so.

Fetterman and Oz to face off Tuesday in only debate of marquee Pennsylvania Senate race...
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When Democrat John Fetterman and Republican Mehmet Oz debate in Harrisburg on Tuesday, it will be the first time the candidates in the highest profile Senate race of the year have ever met.

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