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NYC Health Officials Urge New Yorkers to Wear Masks Amid Rise in Tridemic Cases...
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In the face of high levels of COVID-19, flu, and RSV cases, New York City's health officials have issued an advisory, strongly urging the use of masks.

A lost ecosystem revealed in Greenland by oldest environmental DNA...
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This week, explore a mysterious and ancient ecosystem that once flourished in Greenland, uncover an elaborate necklace at a housing site, marvel at the

Deutsche Bank says Federal Reserve's 2023 interest-rate forecast is likely to point to a peak level of 5.1%...

The Federal Reserve's interest-rate forecasts, set to be released next Wednesday, are likely to reflect a fed-funds rate that peaks at 5.1% next year and...

Democratic Sen. Sinema has registered as an independent...
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WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona announced Friday that she has registered as an independent, but she does not plan to caucus with Republicans, ensuring Democrats will retain...

UPDATE 1-Brittney Griner: months in captivity end on UAE tarmac...

Over the past 48 hours U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner traveled from custody in a penal colony in Russia to Moscow, to an airport in the United Arab Emirates, U.S. officials say. Griner arrived in the capital of Abu Dhabi by private plane from Moscow

Anne Heche final autopsy report shows no evidence of illegal drugs in system at time of crash: Medical examiner...
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The toxicology report reveals past cocaine, marijuana use.

Kirstie Alley died of colon cancer, manager confirms...
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Television and film star Kirstie Alley died of colon cancer which had only recently been diagnosed, her manager confirmed to several news outlets.

Bill Cosby Sued by 5 Women In New Sexual Assault Lawsuit...
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A group of women have come forward with allegations against Bill Cosby.More than a year after his 2021 release from jail, The Cosby Show star is facing a new lawsuit from five women who each...

Microbiome composition found to influence depression...
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Our microbiome, the billions of microorganisms that live in and on our bodies, control many important bodily functions, including those in our brain. Recent research by Amsterdam UMC, the University of Amsterdam and Erasmus MC delivers the most extensive

Trump Had Hidden $19.8 Million Loan From North Korea-Linked Company As President: Report...
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Trump failed to disclose the loan, which was paid off months after he took office, Forbes reported.

12 killer (and free) tools for network engineers...
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The job of a network engineer just keeps getting more complicated. Mission critical applications are competing for bandwidth. The sheer number of devices is exploding, driven by IoT. And the network itself if being extended to the cloud, the edge and to t

PC price cuts are coming as manufacturers rethink their portfolios...
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Economic uncertainty and decreased consumer demand are taking a toll on the tablet and PC markets. The silver lining for buyers is that excess inventory is forcing manufacturers to heavily discount prices.

600Hz displays are coming. Here's why they're not as silly as you might think...
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Super high refresh rates aren't for everyone, but for comeptitive gamers, is there a case to go beyond 360Hz? With new 600Hz gaming laptops, maybe there is.

Life sentence recommended for alleged leader of plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Whitmer...
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Federal prosecutors recommended a life sentence for Adam Fox, the alleged ringleader of a foiled 2020 plot to kidnap Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

Barren couple arrested for allegedly cutting baby out of kidnapped pregnant woman and dumping her corpse on a Mexican ranch...
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A 20-year-old pregnant Mexican woman was allegedly kidnapped and murdered by a couple who, unable to have a child of their own, sought to take one by force. What are the details? The suspected murderers, a man and a woman identified by Ministerial Police

Taiwanese Chip Giant Invests $30 Billion In Arizona Ahead Of Biden Visit...
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Generate more than $40 billion per year

New clue discovered for how and why cancer cells spread...
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An international team of researchers has uncovered a new mechanism that enables cancer cells to move throughout the body, providing a potential new target to stop metastasis, which is responsible for 90 per cent of cancer deaths. In findings published in

Kirstie Alley, Emmy-winning 'Cheers' and 'Veronica's Closet' star, dead at 71...
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Alley died following a short battle with cancer, her family announced.

What does Elon Musk's brain chip company Neuralink do?...
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Neuralink, the Elon Musk company that Reuters reported on Monday is the target of a federal investigation over its animal trial program, has been trying to develop a brain chip that would enable the paralyzed to walk and the blind to see.

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