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Three myths you shouldn't believe about Dobbs overturning Roe...
June 24, 2022, will go down in history as a monumental victory for our constitutional right to life by delivering one of the most consequential rulings in the history of the Supreme Court of the United States. I celebrate the overturning of Roe v. Wade al
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-24 19:44 UTC
Texas's attorney general reportedly sent employees home to 'celebrate' the overturning of Roe v Wade and declared an annual 'sanctity of life' holiday...
The Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade on Friday.Texas AG Ken Paxton reportedly sent employees home and instituted an annual
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-24 19:42 UTC
PHOTOS: Pro-life Americans Celebrate the Overturning of Roe v. Wade After Nearly 50 Years...
Pro-life Americans celebrated the Supreme Court's decision Friday overruling Roe v. Wade and returning the regulation of abortion "to the people and their elected representatives."
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-24 19:41 UTC
Gas Prices Sting US Workers Who Depend On Their Cars...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/
Millions of Americans who rely on their cars for work are changing their habits, signing up for carpools or even ditching their cars for bicycles as gas prices recently hit $5 per gallon for the first time ever. This week, it's averaging $4.95 per gal
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-23 14:10 UTC
Watch live: Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell gives update on economy, rising inflation...
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will testify in the House on Thursday as part of his semiannual report to Congress on the state of the ecnonomy -- which is being hampered by steep inflationary pressures.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-23 14:09 UTC
Bloomberg Analyst Says Bitcoin and Gold Could Benefit From Potential Incoming Deflationary Phase...
Bloomberg's senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone says a new deflationary period may be arriving to the financial landscape, from which Bitcoin (BTC) and gold could benefit.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-21 20:09 UTC
Officers arrived at Uvalde school with rifles, ballistic shield 9 minutes after gunman...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/us/tx/
New revelations raise fresh questions about why officers waited more than an hour to confront the gunman at Robb Elementary in Uvalde.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-20 23:40 UTC
Giant Sunspot Has Doubled in Size in 24 Hours and It's Pointed at Earth...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/science/, /contrib/space_news
The huge sunspot has the potential to send a solar flare our way. Whether it will or not remains to be seen.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-20 21:32 UTC
Republican Party Establishment Torpedos Rand Paul's Balanced Budget Amendment...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
The following article, Republican Party Establishment Torpedos Rand Paul's Balanced Budget Amendment , was first published on Big League Politics . Fiscal conservatism is dead in DC. Continue reading: Republican Party Establishment Torpedos Rand Paul&
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-20 02:52 UTC
Pandemic-era checks rewired how these Americans see money: 'Stimulus changed how I think about what's possible'...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/
Recipients of pandemic stimulus checks used funds to reduce debt, pay bills and build savings. For some, the money altered their financial psychology.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-20 02:39 UTC
Elon Musk Says Twitter Will Integrate Crypto...
He added, “I think it would make sense to integrate payments into Twitter so that it’s easy to send money back and forth, and fiat currency as well as crypto — essentially, whatever somebody would find useful. So my goal would be to maximize the usefulness of the service — the more useful it is,
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-19 11:25 UTC
Unprecedented national average price for gas caused more Americans to search about gas prices...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/US/, /contrib/gas_prices
Data: Google Trends; Map: Jacque Schrag and Will Chase/Axios Search interest in gas prices has risen steeply in the U.S. as the national average hit an unprecedented $5 per gallon on June 11, new Google Trends data shows. Driving the news: "Gas prices
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-16 11:46 UTC
Cities nationwide are failing to report crime data to the FBI...
With the switch of a Federal Bureau of Investigation crime reporting system last year, nearly 40% of law enforcement agencies nationwide failed to submit data to the agency, including New York and Los Angeles.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-16 11:43 UTC
What Americans face now as the Fed raises interest rates...
The U.S. Federal Reserve's big interest rate hike on Wednesday -- and the expectation of more to come -- is aimed at bringing down 40-year high inflation topping 8% on an annual basis in recent months.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 18:25 UTC
The Fed aggressively raises its key rate to fight inflation. What's next for interest rates in 2022?...
The Fed hiked its key interest rate by the most since 1994 to fight inflation. It forecast more big increases that will impact rates for consumers.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 18:24 UTC
Fed hikes its benchmark interest rate by three-quarters of a point, the biggest increase since 1994...
The Federal Open Market Committee released its decision on interest rates Wednesday, with markets expecting a three-quarter point hike.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 18:22 UTC
May retail sales unexpectedly decline as consumers confront sizzling hot inflation...
Retail sales unexpectedly dropped in May as consumers -- confronted with the hottest inflation since 1981 -- pulled back on spending.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 12:46 UTC
MIT experts find two Earth-like exoplanets in multiplanet system just 33-light years away...
First identified by NASA's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), this system has two Earth-sized planets around a small M-dwarf star, named HD 260655.
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 12:45 UTC
China's Sky Eye Telescope Could Have Potentially Detected Suspicious Signals...
Did China stumble with strange signals coming from exoplanets?
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 12:44 UTC
Another U.S. Refinery Slated to Close...
Another U.S. refinery is planning to close by 2024 and maybe earlier, joining six others that have already shuttered. The Houston refinery, which is operated by LyondellBasell industries, is slated to close at the end of 2023 due to the financial burden of upgrading its infrastructure and to
By Anonymous Submission on 2022-06-15 12:39 UTC

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