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About Russian activity in Belarus ...
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Recently, there has been an active discussion of strengthening the grouping of Russians in Belarus. Echelons with military equipment arrive from the Russian Federation.
A major bilateral exercise has been announced. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko makes the same statements as a year

NATO has increased the number of rapid reaction forces in Europe against the backdrop of the Ukrainian conflict ...
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The Russian-Ukrainian confrontation has given NATO a good reason to expand its presence in the countries of Eastern Europe.
Representatives of the block say that the increase in the number of contingents is a consequence of Russian aggression and is aimed at protecting the member countries of the

Zelensky's visit to the US is beneficial for both sides ...
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Zelensky has been inviting Biden to Kyiv for a long time. But while Kyiv is under Russian shelling, Biden naturally will not go there. Yes, and it's not solid. The age is not the same, and the status does not allow it.

Zelensky is not proud, so he drove himself.

At the same time, the interests

US step up support for Ukraine ...
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The United States has even ceased to mask its direct military participation in the clashes with the Russian Armed Forces during the hostilities in Ukraine.

The ruling US party needs any victories of Ukrainian Armed Forces to raise its rating on the eve of the midterm elections to Congress.

About Russian-ukrainian war...
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Enough people, no cars

Ukraine gains information superiority in the war with Russia ...
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Today, along with the usual hostilities in Ukraine, the confrontation of the parties on the information front has unfolded.
The experience of armed conflicts of recent decades shows the importance of information support for ongoing operations. If one bullet or projectile can hit one or some

Waiting for the results of negotiations ...
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Today is expected to start the negotiation process between representatives of Russia and Ukraine.
It took a long time to choose a meeting place that would suit both parties. Initially, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky refused to negotiate and put forward an ultimatum on the withdrawal of

On the beneficiaries of gas wars ...
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"Gazprom" again did not apply for the pumping of additional capacities in March through Poland and Ukraine in excess of the contracted volumes.
Poland requested 89 million cubic meters per day (through the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe gas pipeline), Ukraine - 15 million cubic meters. Kyiv

China accuses the US of escalating the situation around Ukraine ...
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Tensions between the West and Russia have been growing in recent months.
The situation continues to heat up. Politicians and oligarchs are leaving the country, taking their capital with them. The US has not set the best example by moving its embassy from Kyiv to Lviv. Western insurance companies

Ukraine's risky energy experiment ...
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In 2023, Ukraine plans to completely get rid of dependence on Russia and Belarus in the energy sector and join the European energy system ENTSO-E.
American and European politicians, in particular, the EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, declared their approval of

About crises and arms dealers ...
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In all wars there are winners and losers. And there are those who make money on these wars.
This rule applies not only to armed confrontations, but also to any other political conflicts. Be it Afghanistan, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Belarus or Ukraine.
Along with thousands of refugees, destroyed cities,

Ukraine may face a choice between cold and dishonor ...
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At the beginning of this year, a lot of problems have piled up on Ukraine. This includes an increase in the incidence of coronavirus, and the aggravation of the situation against the backdrop of speculation about a possible Russian invasion, rising inflation, and so on.
Against this background, the

Ukrainians live 12 years less than Europeans ...
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Along with economic and energy, Ukraine may soon face a demographic problem.
At first glance, there is nothing to worry about, and the statistics are very similar to the average European ones. Currently, the death rate exceeds the birth rate in almost all developed countries.
The rate of natural

Hyper inflation and a “golden loaf of bread” for Ukrainians ...
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As a result of the past year, inflation in Ukraine significantly exceeded the government's expectations.
The official figures are 10%, while the planned 7.3%. The rise in prices in the country has become a record for the last four years. This indicator was higher only in 2017 and reached up to

How Ukraine to overcome the energy crisis: to buy gas from Hungary, and electricity from Belarus ...

The Ukrainian leadership seems to have found a way, if not to overcome, then to ease the energy crisis and reduce dependence on Russia in this area.
Hungary should help solve the gas sulfur problem. Ukrainian GTS Operator signed an agreement with Hungarian partner FGSZ for reverse gas supplies from

WADA will not take away the flag from Ukrainian athletes ...
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Last week he World Anti-Doping Agency WADA announced the completion of "Operation Hercules", conducted since 2019.
The results were extremely disappointing for Ukraine. Kyiv was suspected of fraud with doping samples of athletes.
According to WADA, starting from 2012, the National Anti-Doping

EU imposed new sanctions against Poland...
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The end of October was marked by another aggravation of relations between Poland and the European Union. Brussels has imposed further fines against Warsaw in the amount of one million euros a day for disobeying European requirements in the judicial sphere.
In early autumn, the Polish Constitutional

Five Questions Zero Answers by President Zelensky ...
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A year ago, on October 25, 2020, together with the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, an all-Ukrainian poll “5 questions from the President of Ukraine” was conducted.
The poll was conducted at the initiative of the head of state Volodymyr Zelensky. “5 important questions about what we discuss on the

Russian weather forecaster predicts a cold winter for Europe ...
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As the cold weather approaches, tensions in Europe are exacerbated over the rise in gas prices.
The dynamics of growth in prices for blue fuel is forcing many European companies to either reduce production volumes or increase the cost of goods, thereby shifting the growth of production costs onto

Ukraine: nationalism and LGBT movement...
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With the beginning of the European integration path, new trends and movements have appeared in Ukraine.
Some of them are very contradictory and it is not yet clear how they will coexist with each other.
In particular, nationalism and the development of the LGBT movement. Both directions are

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