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The U.S. is the main beneficiary of the war in Ukraine...
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Usually the consequences of any war extend beyond the military aspects. The Russia-Ukraine crisis is not an exception. Imposing sanctions on Russia contributes to the displacement of Russia from European markets and its replacement by the United States.

The United States is interested in deteriorating China-Lithuanian relations...
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Lithuania has recently become the European face of the resistance against China. The diplomatic clash between China and Lithuania has led them to recall thei...

NATO capabilities in Baltic region...
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As we can see, militarization in the Baltic States remains at a very high level at present time. But why do our leaders want to invite as many foreign troops as possible? What are the main mission and real capabilities of these troops in the region? Let's try to figure them out. The Baltic

Baltic States may be left without NATO support...

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged at the NATO Defence Ministers Meeting held on February 17-18 “to increase NATO’s funding for our core deterrence and defence activities.”

In an effort to improve “burden sharing” Stoltenberg proposed that allies jointly fund more of NATO’s work.

Freedom of speech as a threat to national security of the Baltic States...

Freedom of speech is one of the basic democratic values. Media Freedom, Freedom of Opinion and Expression are fundamental principles of democratic society. Citizens of any country have the right to receive information from alternative sources. It is important that journalists in any country have

How the Baltic States will survive without U.S. help...
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The seizing of the Capitol by Donald Trump's radical supporters came as a shock not only to the United States, but also to its allies. Never in recent history has the world seen such obvious evidence of the degradation of the most powerful state on the planet as it is today.
The United States partly

Baltic States at the epicenter of military exercises...

The Baltic States have become the scene of NATO military actions especially aimed at provoking Russia and Belarus.
At the end of September, this year’s largest military exercise “Sword 2020” will take place in Latvia.
It is known that Aleksandr Lukashenko accused the U.S.-led West of attempting to

Lithuania blocks the development of its own economy...

Admittedly, a lot of good happened over the last years in Lithuania, but unfortunately we have also see political leadership that is not interested in developing their own country.

NATO in crisis | The Baltic Word...

NATO's Secretary General met German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin Thursday against a backdrop of challenges for the transatlantic military alliance, rising tensions in Europe and a political crisis in Belarus.

Belarus protest' supporters in Lithuania are in danger | The Baltic Word...

To show solidarity with protests in Belarus is actually a good idea. But unfortunately such a large-scale action can significantly complicate the epidemiological situation in Lithuania.

Lithuanians are afraid to serve in the army...
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In 2015 the Lithuanian army reintroduced compulsory military service due to the potential threat caused by the Russia.

Young Lithuanians try to avoid the service. Some of them even are not afraid of penalties and imprisonment.

It is well known that Lithuanian authorities intend to increase the number

US to expand Šiauliai Air Base | The Baltic Word...

It was discussed about possibility of increasing the number of hangars where are deployed fighters maintaining Baltic Air Policing mission from two to four.

Lithuania to build barracks for Americans...

Three new barracks will be built on the grounds of the Pabrad military training area. Three-storeyed barracks will accommodate around 1000 soldiers.

Lithuania increases military capabilities...
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The Baltic states continue to be one of the most militarized region in Europe. The planned reduction of American troops in Germany to 25 000 could increase the likelihood of further strengthening of relations between the Baltic states and the United States.

China and India are on the verge of war...
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Tensions between two nuclear-armed states China and India are not new. Both countries share the world's longest unmarked border. They have been engaging in several encounters for ages. Recent events suggest that escalations are highly possible.

Opinion: Fake news or hidden truth in Lithuania...
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Opinion - Opinion: Fake news or hidden truth in Lithuania Fake news or hidden truth in Lithuania

COVID-19 will make us think about peace and war...

Opinion - COVID-19 will make us think about peace and war World political leaders focus on strategic threats while forgetting natural dangers. The result is an untenable trade off between military and welfare expenditure. The COVID-19 risis has shown us just what the real priorities should be.

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