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Providing peer education to young mothers in Malawi - Emily's story...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/malawi
To mark International Womens Day, we hear from Emily, a peer educator from Malawi who dedicates her life ensuring other women have access to the information and support they need to seek testing and live positively.
By AVERT on 2017-06-15 13:53 UTC
Pre-treatment drug resistance as high as 17% with no impact on viral load suppression...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
Surprising research from Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) shows drug resistance does not impact test-and-treat roll-out in South Africa at least in the short term.
By AVERT on 2017-06-15 13:53 UTC
Experimental PrEP drug injected once every two months to begin global trial...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
Adherence challenges with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) could be overcome if experimental long-acting HIV drug is found to be effective and acceptable.
By AVERT on 2017-06-15 13:52 UTC
Viral load rebounds in a third of women who start HIV therapy during pregnancy or postpartum, South African study shows...
Approximately one-third of HIV-positive women who attain viral suppression after starting antiretroviral therapy (ART) during pregnancy experience a significant rebound in viral load in the year after giving birth, according to results of a South African study published in Clinical Infectious
By AVERT on 2017-06-15 13:52 UTC
HIV drug resistance: a new threat for low- and middle-income countries...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
With 17 million people now accessing antiretroviral treatment worldwide, HIV drug resistance has the potential to unravel progress towards the Fast-Track target of ending AIDS by 2030.
By AVERT on 2017-06-15 13:51 UTC
Interventions to keep people in HIV care more cost-effective than a ‘treat all’ approach...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
Treatment scale-up has had major public health benefits. But where resources are scarce, interventions to keep people in care could be more cost-effective than moving to treat everybody living with HIV after diagnosis.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:18 UTC
Vaginal bacteria could play a key role in regulating HIV risk among women...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/Africa/
Understanding the vaginal microbiome and how it impacts HIV risk could help develop more effective treatment and prevention strategies for young women in sub-Saharan Africa.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:16 UTC
11 things to expect from an HIV home-test...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
HIV home-testing kits are available in a growing number of countries. They offer you the convenience of taking an HIV test in your own time and in the privacy of your own home – but are they for everyone?
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:15 UTC
Rural and urban patterns of HIV drug resistance in South Africa...
HIV is more proactively monitored among urban HIV patients than rural patients, and drug resistance and treatment failure is less prevalent. However outcomes for second line treatment remain similar.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:14 UTC
Spotlight on supervised drug consumption rooms as the USA looks to open its first facility...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/drug_addiction
As news hits that the USA is to open up its first safer injecting facility where else in the world do they exist and why are they important for improving health outcomes?
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:12 UTC
Decentralised antiretroviral treatment delivery in an urban setting – a Kinshasa success...
The first ever study evaluating the decentralising of HIV care through antiretroviral treatment (ART) distribution centres shows low rates of patient loss in the city.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:11 UTC
Kenyan experience highlights potential of Situation Room HIV mobile app...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/Africa/Kenya/
Just over a year since launch, a new mobile app is helping Kenya track progress, plan and allocate resources for the HIV response, providing useful learning for other countries.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:10 UTC
‘Global Gag’ threatens plans to improve women’s access to HIV services...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv
HIV is the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age and Washington-led health policies show a lack of understanding of the realities and importance of health service integration on the ground.
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:09 UTC
Largest ever survey of trans people in the United States reveals stark health and HIV realities...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/transgender
Disturbing patterns of mistreatment, discrimination, violence and harassment, with knock-on impacts on health and HIV risk, have been revealed by the largest ever survey of transgender people living in the United States of America (USA).
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:09 UTC
People living with HIV have increased risk of neurocognitive impairment when they grow older...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/health/, /contrib/hiv
In the era of highly active antiretroviral treatment, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) still affect people living with HIV as they get older
By AVERT on 2017-06-14 11:08 UTC
Life expectancy for people with HIV is now near-normal – but only for those accessing treatment...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
There has been a vast decline in mortality among people with HIV who get on antiretroviral treatment – but who are we leaving behind?
By AVERT on 2017-06-13 14:35 UTC
Male involvement crucial for keeping women on Option B+ in Malawi...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/malawi
A lack of male involvement in their partner’s HIV treatment programme before and after pregnancy has been found to be one of the biggest challenges to retaining women in HIV care in Malawi.
By AVERT on 2017-06-13 14:34 UTC
Ukraine steps-up to fund opiate substitution treatment for people who inject drugs...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/ukraine
Key affected populations in middle-income countries are hardest hit by global funding cuts, but Ukraine has made a bold move to fund its own response for people who inject drugs.
By AVERT on 2017-06-13 14:33 UTC
Venezuelan AIDS-deaths double in five years amid mounting health crisis...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/venezuela
AIDS-related deaths in Venezuela have nearly doubled in just five years, with a public health crisis severely affecting the government's ability to control the epidemic.
By AVERT on 2017-06-13 14:30 UTC
Five things everyone should know about HIV...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/hiv, /contrib/health/
By AVERT on 2017-06-13 14:29 UTC
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