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 2017-08-22 07:00 

Medical News Today

Skin cancer and rashes: Cancerous and precancerous lesions... +

A rash can be a sign of skin cancer. Find out the differences between cancerous and non-cancerous rashes, and the types of cancer that cause them....

 2017-08-22 04:12 

NY Times

$417 Million Awarded in Suit Tying Johnsons Baby Powder to Cancer... +

A Los Angeles jury voted the damages for a medical receptionist who developed ovarian cancer after using Johnson & Johnsons talc for decades....

 2017-08-21 22:34 

Medical Daily

Long-term Stress Linked To Higher Risk Of Miscarriage ... +

A new study indicates that a history of psychological stress could increase risk of miscarriage....

 2017-08-21 22:05 

NY Times

Hospitals Are Clogged With Patients Struggling With Opioids... +

As President Trump declares a national emergency, new data indicates hospitalizations for problems linked to prescription and illicit opioid abuse have risen sharply....

 2017-08-21 21:50 

NY Times

How to Prevent Deadly Infection in Babies? Good Bacteria... +

A one-week dose of a probiotic isolated from a healthy infants diaper lowered rates of deadly sepsis in babies by 40 percent, researchers report....

 2017-08-21 21:50 

Men's Health News

Finish Your Next Barbell Workout With This Week's #MHWeeklyChallenge... +

Where will you set the bar?...

 2017-08-21 21:46 

Men's Health News

3 Pieces Of Waterproof Gear That Will Actually Keep You Dry... +

We blasted countless of products with high-pressure h2o. Here are the ones that passed the test...

 2017-08-21 21:40 

Men's Health News

Kate Upton Is Catching Heat From Gym Rats For This Workout Video... +

Her kBox routine is inciting opinions from a number of followers...

 2017-08-21 21:11 

Men's Health News

Weighing Yourself Every Day Can Help You Slim Down, Says Study... +

Can this be the secret to dropping some pounds?...

 2017-08-21 21:06 

Medical Daily

Hormonal Birth Control Pill May Prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis In Some Women ... +

New research suggests that the birth control pill may reduce a woman's risk of developing rheumatoid arthritis later in life....

 2017-08-21 20:02 

Men's Health News

A Giant Kinky Sex Party Took Place in The Woods, and People Are Furious About It... +

Not everyone was a fan of the three-day event...

 2017-08-21 19:56 

Men's Health News

These Are the Best Ingredients to Add to Your Shake Pre- and Post-Workout ... +

Here's a breakdown of when you want each ingredient and why...

 2017-08-21 19:49 

Men's Health News

Meet "Foiling," the New Action Sport That Rich Dudes Love... +

The high-flying hobby is beloved by San Francisco tech execs...

 2017-08-21 19:33 

Men's Health News

Make Meatless Lasagna Taste Amazing With Eggplant and Zucchini... +

This meal requires just one pan, skips the greasy beef, and crams in the vegetables...

 2017-08-21 18:50 

Medical Daily

If You Want To Lose Weight Without Dieting, Try Daily Weigh-Ins... +

A new study indicates that weighing yourself every day could result in greater weight loss, even without dieting....

 2017-08-21 18:49 

Men's Health News

Scorch Body Fat With This Rows and Burpees Challenge ... +

It'll test not only your physical strength, but your mental strength as well...

 2017-08-21 18:39 

Medical Daily

The Avocado Seed You Trash May Be The Most Useful Part ... +

The avocado seed husk and wax contain many chemicals that could be useful in countless medical capacities....

 2017-08-21 18:27 

Men's Health News

Here's Why Chrissy Teigen No Longer Drinks Alcohol ... +

The model says she’s never been able to only have one drink...

 2017-08-21 17:39 

Men's Health News

Hate Cardio? Make This Small Tweak to Your Routine ... +

A change in setting can make all the difference...

 2017-08-21 17:28 

Men's Health News

Watch Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Prove That They're Perfect Swolemates... +

The couple that gets in the ring together, stays together...

 2017-08-21 16:17 

Men's Health News

7 Superfoods That Arent All Theyre Cracked Up to Be... +

Make these swaps insteadtheyre cheap, easy to find, and better for you...

 2017-08-21 16:00 

Men's Health News

Our Ultimate Guy Search Finalists Are the #MondayMotivation You Didn't Know You Needed ... +

One of these men will be on the cover of our November issue...

 2017-08-21 16:00 

Medical News Today

McDonald criteria: MS diagnosis guidelines... +

Learn about the McDonald criteria. What is dissemination in space, what is dissemination in time, and what additional data are used for diagnosis?...

 2017-08-21 16:00 

Medical News Today

Avocado seed husk may help to treat heart disease, cancer... +

Most of us discard avocado seeds without a second thought, but a new study finds that the husk of these seeds may hold a treasure trove of health benefits....

 2017-08-21 15:56 

Men's Health News

A Tesla SUV Went Head-to-Head With a Lamborghini Aventador—and Won... +

And set a new world record in the process...

 2017-08-21 15:34 


We Need More Doctors With Disabilities ... +

Physicians with disabilities are one of the most underrepresented groups in medicine. We need to address this, argues Dr Kenny Lin. Georgetown University Family Medicine...

 2017-08-21 15:23 

Men's Health News

Seriously, Do Not Look Up At the Sun During the Solar Eclipse... +

Unless you want to fry your retinas, that is...

 2017-08-21 15:09 


UTI Versus Asymptomatic Bacteriuria in Long-term Care... +

Can a standardized approach reduce the unnecessary treatment of asymptomatic bacteriuria in long-term care residents? Medscape Nurses...

 2017-08-21 15:00 

Medical News Today

Osteoporosis: Potential new drug target uncovered... +

A new study finds that targeting the body's aging-related cells maintains and increases bone formation and improves bone mass and strength in aging mice....

 2017-08-21 15:00 

Medical News Today

Multiple sclerosis: Are we close to a cure?... +

Discoveries and breakthroughs in multiple sclerosis research are building momentum, but just how close are we to finding a cure? We investigate....

 2017-08-21 14:41 

Men's Health News

This Man's White Hair and Chiseled Physique Has Everyone Baffled By His Age... +

Pawel Ladziak embraced his inner silver fox and has gained a massive social following...

 2017-08-21 14:27 


PCSK9 Therapy in Diabetes: New Context... +

Dr Robert Eckel reviews research from ADA 2017 on alirocumab in patients with diabetes and mixed dyslipidemia. Endocrine Society...

 2017-08-21 14:00 

Medical News Today

Human milk sugars may protect against group B strep... +

A new study presented at a conference finds that some breast milk contains sugars that may protect against group B strep microbial and biofilm infection....

 2017-08-21 13:49 

Men's Health News

This Man Lost 140 Pounds After Cutting Out These Foods From His Diet... +

After Patrick Delaney's father died of a heart attack, he knew he needed to make a change...

 2017-08-21 13:19 

Men's Health News

Can a Simple Blood Test Find Cancer Before It Spreads?... +

This noninvasive test can catch cancer early...

 2017-08-21 13:00 

Medical News Today

Respiratory depression: Causes, symptoms, and treatment... +

Respiratory depression is when a person's breathing rate and depth is especially low. This can cause potentially life-threatening complications....

 2017-08-21 12:35 

ABC News (US)

[ Health ]

4 foods that may not be as bad for you as you thought... +

Nutritionist Maya Feller breaks down surprising virtues of our dietary vices. ...

 2017-08-21 10:00 

Medical News Today

Dissociative fugue: Symptoms, causes, and treatment... +

In this article, learn about dissociative fugue. What is dissociative fugue and how is it diagnosed? What may be the complications and how is it treated?...

 2017-08-21 07:00 

Medical News Today

Unexpected memory retrieval mechanism found in landmark study... +

Researchers reveal the existence of two distinct neural pathways for memory formation and memory retrieval. A little-studied brain region plays a key role....

 2017-08-21 07:00 

Medical News Today

Prolonged sitting and frailty a deadly combination... +

Middle-aged and older adults who have low levels of physical activity may be at greater risk of death as a result of prolonged sitting, researchers find....

 2017-08-21 07:00 

Medical News Today

How to get rid of dizziness: Medications and remedies... +

There are many potential causes for dizziness, and it can cause a lot of distress in daily life. Learn how to prevent and manage dizziness effectively....

 2017-08-21 07:00 

Medical News Today

Androgen insensitivity syndrome: Symptoms, causes, and treatment... +

Androgen insensitivity syndrome is a genetic condition in which male sexual organs cannot fully develop. It can be either partial or complete....

 2017-08-21 07:00 

Medical News Today

Bronchiectasis: What are the treatment options?... +

Bronchiectasis is, in most cases, incurable. However, timely treatment can help to improve quality of life and reduce the risk of complications. ...

 2017-08-20 21:02 

Men's Health News

You Have To See This Guy's Epic Twist on His Girlfriends Motivational Instagram ... +

He trades green juice for cold beer...

 2017-08-20 20:33 

NY Times

Letter to Price and Verma... +

In a recent letter to Tom Price, the secretary of health and human services, congressional Democrats demanded detailed information on his plans for marketing and outreach during open enrollment for Affordable Care Act coverage....

 2017-08-20 20:31 

Men's Health News

Man Accidentally Pierces Himself In the Heart With a Nail ... +

He managed to drive himself to the hospital after the accident...

 2017-08-20 16:00 

Medical News Today

Shy bladder: Causes and treatments... +

Shy bladder describes a condition where a person finds it difficult to urinate when there are other people nearby. It is usually caused by anxiety....

 2017-08-20 13:00 

Medical News Today

Four natural ways to get rid of a suntan... +

In this article, learn about the natural ways to get rid of a suntan, how to prevent a suntan, and the risks of sun damage to the skin....

 2017-08-20 10:00 

Medical News Today

Does platelet-rich plasma for the knee work?... +

The use of platelet-rich plasma as a treatment for knee pain is relatively new, and becoming more popular. Learn about this alternative treatment....

 2017-08-20 08:00 

Medical News Today

Schizophrenia: Common amino acid could hold key, study finds... +

A new in vivo study suggesting that a common amino acid is linked to schizophrenia brings hope that this discovery could lead to novel treatments....

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