Ecuador ratified the conditions of asylum for Julian Assange... | 2016-10-18 04:29 UTC

Spanish Language news site in Ecuador. Translated.

In a statement just three lines, the Foreign Ministry confirmed this afternoon the political asylum granted to Australian hacker and activist Julian Assange.

"Faced with speculation of the last few hours (...), the Government of Ecuador ratifies the validity of granted asylum to Julian Assange four years ago," says the press release.

The group WikiLeaks, which Assange is the founder, said today that the Ecuadorian government cut internet access to their leader , who took refuge in the embassy in London, after the latter had published speeches of Hillary Clinton, Democratic candidate for the White House .

For this reason, Wikileaks said it had resorted to contingency plans in order to continue their publications.

"We reaffirm that the protection of the Ecuadorian State will continue as the circumstances that led to the granting of asylum that remain," he concluded the Foreign Ministry in a statement. (I)

En un breve comunicado, la Cancillera ratific esta tarde el asilo concedido al activista y hacker Julian Assange. Mientras tanto, Wikileaks denuncia que la embajada ecuatoriana cort el servicio de internet de su husped.

By rjx32 on 2016-10-18 04:29 UTC
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