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'Time's Up': Virginia GOP Attack Ad Ties Terry McAuliffe to Bill Clinton — And Jeffrey Epstein...
The Virginia Republican Party released an ad on Thursday targeting Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee, over the former governor's relationship to Bill Clinton given the former president's relationship with the late sex offender
By Anonymous Submission on 2021-09-03 19:40 UTC
Cop is arrested after shocking bodycam footage shows him using a Taser on a black man...
Tyler Timberlake, an officer withe Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, was arrested after reportedly using 'unacceptable' use of force when using a stun gun on a disoriented black man
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-06-08 03:29 UTC
Virginia General Assembly approves higher gas tax, speed cameras and cellphone ban...
The transportation bills will go to Gov. Ralph Northam (D) for signing.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-03-09 05:26 UTC
A Virginia middle school canceled its cultural exchange program with Chinese students over coronavirus fears...
Just one day after the first case of Wuhan coronavirus was confirmed in the US, a middle school canceled an on-campus cultural exchange program with a group of Chinese exchange students visiting the DC metro area, citing health concerns. Longfellow Middle
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-23 20:34 UTC
No violence in Virginia pro-Second-Amendment rally as Ralph Northam's fearmongering falls flat...
On Monday, tens of thousands of people descended on the state capitol in Richmond to exercise the First Amendment in defense of their Second Amendment rights. But if all you'd done was follow liberal media reports and take your cues from Democratic po
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-20 22:11 UTC
Trump says Second Amendment is 'under very serious attack' in Virginia ahead of gun-rights rally...
President Trump on Friday declared the Second Amendment is "under very serious attack" in Virginia amid a contentious gun debate in the commonwealth and ahead of a controversial gun-rights rally in Richmond on Monday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-18 06:26 UTC
Judge denies attempt to overturn Gov. Northam’s gun ban...
RICHMOND, Va. – A judge has denied an attempt by pro-gun groups to overturn Gov. Ralph Northam’s temporary gun ban at the Capitol grounds.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 22:08 UTC
Deconstructing Governor Northam's Emergency Declaration Banning Guns: How 2A Supporters Are Responding...
Yesterday afternoon, Governor Ralph Northam (D-VA) announced he would be enacting an emergency declaration, EO 49, temporarily banning weapons—including firearms— in Virginia's Capital Square leading up to Monday's annual Lobby Day in
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 17:25 UTC
Tucker Carlson Ponders a Virginia Boogaloo Against 2A Assault: 'Is There Going to be Some Pushback?'...
“Are people going to go along with this and just sit back and let a constitutional right evaporate, or is there going to be some pushback?” Carlson asked.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 17:22 UTC
Game-Changer: West Virginia Invites Virginia's Second Sanctuary Counties to Secede and Join the Pro-Gun State...
The following article, Game-Changer: West Virginia Invites Virginia's Second Sanctuary Counties to Secede and Join the Pro-Gun State , was first published on Big League Politics . West Virginia lawmakers are pushing a resolution inviting Virginia'
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-16 04:16 UTC
Virginia Gov. Northam Declares State Of Emergency, Says Threats Of Violence Possible At State Capitol...
It extends from Friday, January 17 at 5 p.m. until Tuesday, January 21 at 5 p.m.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-15 22:12 UTC
VA Dems Drop AR-15 Confiscation After 1000s of NRA Members Show...
Virginia Democrats withdrew an AR-15 confiscation bill Monday after thousands of NRA members showed up to oppose new gun controls.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-14 17:55 UTC
NRA Handing Out 30-Round Mags in VA to Fight Northam Gun Ban...
The NRA will be handing out 1,000 30-round magazines in Richmond, Virginia, on Monday in the fight against Gov. Ralph Northam's gun grab.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-13 06:34 UTC
Virginia lawmakers expected to vote on several gun bills Monday...
Virginias Senate Judiciary Committee is set to take up a slew of gun bills, which have been Democratic priorities for years, on the fourth day of the 2020 General Assembly session.
By Anonymous Submission on 2020-01-13 05:07 UTC
Democrats Take Control Of Virginia State Legislature For The First Time In Decades...
Democrats took control of the Virginia government for the first time since the 1990s, flipping the state Senate and House Tuesday.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-11-06 05:53 UTC
Four staffers working for Virginia Lt. Gov. resign amid sexual assault allegations...
Four staffers working for embattled Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax resigned Monday, leaving him with a skeleton crew as calls for him to step down amid two sexual assault allegations grow
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-11 23:04 UTC
BREAKING: Virginia Democrat Governor Northam to Hold Press Conference at 2:30 PM — Will NOT be Resigning...
Democrat Governor Ralph Northam will hold a press conference at 2:30 PM on Saturday. He is NOT expected to resign. FOX News has learned that Northam is NOT expected to resign and will tell the media the photos on his yearbook page may not been of him. A p
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-02-02 17:25 UTC
"Not Another Charlottesville": Richmond Police Enforce Weapons Ban Ahead Of Confederate Rally...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/us/va/, /contrib/politics/
With the memory of Charlottesville still fresh in everyone's mind, Richmond Police have announced that they’re planning to impose strict security measures – including a temporary “weapons ban” – during a celebration of Co
By rjx32 on 2017-09-16 17:59 UTC

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