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Google Ethics Team Busted Calling Prominent Conservative Jews "Nazis": Veritas...
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In a second day of bombshells from James O'Keefe's Project Veritas , a leaked document reveals what appears to be members of Google's "transparency and ethics" group calling prominent Jewish conservatives Ben Shapiro and Dennis Prager
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-25 21:10 UTC
Insider Blows Whistle & Exec Reveals Google Plan to Prevent "Trump situation" in 2020 on Hidden Cam...
Insider: Google "is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again." Google Head of Responsible Innovation Says Elizabeth Warren "misguided" on "breaking up Google" Google Exec Says Don't Break Us Up: "
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-25 16:37 UTC
Google Executive Admits Election Meddling to Prevent Trump Winning in 2020...
Brags: Congress "can pressure us but we're not changing".
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-24 14:30 UTC
NASA hacked: 500 MB of mission data stolen through a Raspberry Pi computer...
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory was hacked last year by an attacker who used a Raspberry Pi computer. The hacker took advantage of the network's weaknesses to steal 500 MB of data, while remaining undetected for 10 months.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-23 01:27 UTC
Facebook moderators break their NDAs to expose desperate working conditions...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/facebook
At Facebook's worst-performing content moderation site, operated by Cognizant in Tampa, FL one contractor has died, others have developed PTSD and fear for their lives.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-20 14:00 UTC
Mozilla plugs critical Firefox zero-day used in targeted attacks...
A critical Firefox zero-day remote code execution vulnerability is being abused in targeted attacks in the wild, Mozilla has warned on Tuesday. About the vulnerability (CVE-2019-11707) Mozilla did not share many details about the flaw it simply stated tha
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-19 15:17 UTC
Linux Mint vs Windows 10 -- which is best for small business productivity?...
If you're using an old computer in your small business, the likelihood is that you don't have a great deal of money to splash on powerful hardware. You might therefore be tempted to look for extra performance by using Linux -- and save on the cost
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-19 15:10 UTC
Breaking: Facebook Releases Libra Cryptocurrency Whitepaper and Testnet...
By CCN Markets: Facebook has revealed the white paper for its much-hyped cryptocurrency, "Libra." After months of speculation, Facebook has outlined the vision for its crypto project and released the test-net for its blockchain. "Libra's m
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-18 17:23 UTC
Bitcoin Evangelist Andreas Antonopoulos Says Facebook's Libra Isn't a Real Blockchain...
By CCN Markets: Bitcoin educator and promotor Andreas M. Antonopoulos published a new video today in which he pointed out that Facebook's Libra project doesn't amount to a "real" blockchain. Is Facebook's Libra a real blockchain? No. W
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-18 17:18 UTC
American Airlines Adds Wi-Fi to Over 700 Aircraft...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/
Your next flight with American Airlines will include access to the internet as long as you don't mind paying for it.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-17 13:47 UTC
With Mozilla introducing a premium Firefox, will privacy soon be an in-app purchase?...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/
Even privacy-minded organizations have to pay the bills, but the price could be an increasingly two-tier internet.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-17 13:46 UTC
Pinterest Bans Pro-Life Group...
Pinterest permanently suspended the pro-life Live Action from its platform hours after the group spoke out against censorship on the social media site.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-12 13:07 UTC
REVEALED: Two More Google Blacklists Designed To Remove ‘Fringe Domains’ And Op-Eds From Special Search Results...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/google
At least two other blacklists are applied to Google's web answers feature, documents obtained by The Daily Caller indicate.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-12 01:19 UTC
Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple face antitrust probes from federal regulators, House Judiciary Committee...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/monopolies
Lawmakers launched a bipartisan probe into monopoly in the tech industry, while the Trump administration is investigating companies like Google and Facebook
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-04 00:16 UTC
Nearly 12 million Quest Diagnostics patients' information may have been stolen in data breach...
Quest Diagnostics said Monday that nearly 12 million customers may have had their financial, personal, and medical information breached. The breach incurred through the American Medical Collection Agency, a third-party vendor that provides billing collect
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-03 19:11 UTC
A Google Cloud outage breaks Snapchat, YouTube, Gmail...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/
Don't panic, but two of The Youths biggest sources of entertainment are down. Snapchat and YouTube, as well as Gmail, G Suite, Discord, and other services, are down in some eastern regions of the U.S. and Europe. A Google Cloud outage, which powers lo
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-02 22:27 UTC
DOJ edges toward Google antitrust probe...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/google
The Justice Department is laying the foundation for a potential antitrust investigation of Google, three people familiar with the matter say — zeroing in on one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful tech companies.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-02 00:58 UTC
Asus zenfone 6: All you need to know about the new flagship...
All you need to know about Asus zenfone 6. The device is all st to run by a qualcomm snapdragon 855 processor along with 6GB / 8GB of RAM, with a 6.4 inches
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-06-01 17:08 UTC
Apple announced a new iPod Touch with A10 chips Starting at $199...
After four long years, Apple fans are finally getting the upgrade theyre waiting for. Apple just announced a new iPod touch with iPhone 7's processor....
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-05-29 00:54 UTC
Almost one million Windows systems vulnerable to BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708)...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/tech/, /contrib/microsoft
New research puts an initial estimation of 7.6 million vulnerable systems into more context.
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-05-28 20:54 UTC
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