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60 Profitable Fortune 500 Companies Avoided All Federal Income Taxes in 2018...
For decades, profitable Fortune 500 companies have been able to manipulate the tax system to avoid paying even a dime in tax on billions of dollars in U.S. profits. This ITEP report provides the first comprehensive look at how the new corporate tax laws that took effect after the passage of the
By Anonymous Submission on 2019-04-18 19:04 UTC
#FinancialBytes: Income tax deductions taxpayers can claim under Section 80C...
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Income tax accounts for major part of the government's revenue and salaried individuals form a significant chunk of taxpayers. While paying taxes could be hard on their bank, one can save on taxes by claiming deductions while filing ITR. Here are the deductions taxpayers can avail under Section 80C.
By shubham400 on 2018-11-29 05:47 UTC
Trump says 'major tax cut for middle-income people' coming in 10 days...
President Trump said Saturday he plans to roll out a major tax cut to the middle class before November.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-20 23:26 UTC
House panel prepares new tax break for gym memberships, sports expenses...
A House panel is prepping a new tax break for gym memberships, fitness classes, and other workout expenses, as incentives for health.
By Anonymous Submission on 2018-07-12 02:55 UTC
Trump tax plan eliminates big perk for high-tax states...
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The Trump administration is pushing ahead with the repeal, which would remove state and local income and property taxes as deductions on federal returns.
By aphrodite on 2017-09-28 00:16 UTC

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