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Hillary Deleted Email Showing She Forwarded Classified Information To Her Daughter...
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Hillary Clinton deleted a 2009 email in which she forwarded classified information to her daughter, Chelsea.
By rjx32 on 2016-11-04 22:51 UTC
Undercover Video Exposes Early Clinton Email Witness Who Was Never Interviewed by FBI...
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Project Veritas Action has just released a new video relating to the investigations of Hillary Clintons private email servers. As a result of multiple inves...
By viper1 on 2016-11-04 21:33 UTC
Obama Loses Control of Crowd in N. Carolina...
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The Democrats and their media lap dogs have worked their supporters up into a frenzy with the end result being they have lost control of them at rallies.

By viper1 on 2016-11-04 21:28 UTC
A True November Surprise: The Clinton Campaign at Obama Justice: Emails on WikiLeaks Show a Top Federal Lawyer Giving Hillary a Quiet Heads Up...
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One piece of evidence comes from WikiLeaks, in a hacked email between the chairman of the Clinton campaign, John Podesta, and Assistant Attorney General Peter Kadzik. It was sent in May of 2015 via a private Gmail account, which has become the favored way for Obama employees to hide communications
By moebandy on 2016-11-04 17:25 UTC
Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case...
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Blackwater founder and retired Navy SEAL Erik told Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM that according to one of his "well-placed sources" in the New York Police Department, “The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony
By viper1 on 2016-11-04 17:07 UTC
FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds 'avalanche' of corruption evidence...
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- Clintons are accused of running a pay-for-play operation out of State that favored donors to their charity - a charge they have denied
- Feds are 'actively and aggressively pursuing' a case, Fox's Brit Hume said Wednesday, and they have an 'avalanche' of evidence
- FBI's pursuit of the case is

By aphrodite on 2016-11-04 03:07 UTC
The Hillary Clinton Email Double Standard...
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Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier is in jail because he had six photographs of classified areas of his submarine on his cell phone. Hillary Clinton—by contrast—mishandled at least 110 emails with classified information…yet she is able to run for president of the United States.

Visit: [url]https://Facebook.com/AmericanPatriotsAgainstDoubleStandards[/url]

By aphrodite on 2016-11-04 03:02 UTC
FBI finds emails related to Hillary Clinton's State Department tenure...
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The new emails, which prompted the FBI's announcement last week, came from former congressman Anthony Weiner's laptop...In a separate matter, CBS News confirmed that there were disagreements between FBI agents looking into the Clinton Foundation and their superiors in Washington and at the
By viper1 on 2016-11-04 01:27 UTC
Deep divisions inside the FBI and the Justice Department over how to handle investigations dealing with Hillary Clinton ...
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Deep divisions inside the FBI and the Justice Department over how to handle investigations dealing with Hillary Clinton will probably fester even after Tuesday’s presidential election and pose a significant test for James B. Comey’s leadership of the nation’s chief law enforcement agency.

By viper1 on 2016-11-04 01:25 UTC
State Dept. Emails: Bill Clinton White House Data Stolen from National Archives...
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A newly released email from the State Department shows that Hillary Clinton was informed in April 2009 of a massive theft of data pertaining to former President Bill Clintons White House records. On April 13, 2009, Clinton attorney Cheryl Mills informed newly sworn-in Secretary of State Hillary
By viper1 on 2016-11-04 01:20 UTC
FBI's Clinton Foundation investigation now 'a very high priority,' sources say...
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The FBI's investigation into the Clinton Foundation that has been going on for more than a year has now taken a very high priority, separate sources with intimate knowledge of the probe tell Fox News.
By wikidave on 2016-11-03 19:42 UTC
Trump camp denies report of Russian bank being tied to Trump Organization...
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Trump campaign press secretary Hope Hicks said as much: “First of all, it’s not a secret server. The email server, set up for marketing purposes and operated by a third-party, has not been used since 2010. The current traffic on the server from Alphabank’s [sic] IP address is regular DNS server
By viper1 on 2016-11-01 14:23 UTC
Clinton Surrogate John Kasich admits he voted for John McCain...
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Former Republican presidential candidate John Kasich confessed on Monday evening that he wrote in Arizona Sen. John McCain for president on his early voting ballot instead of Republican nominee Donald Trump. Chris Schrimpf, the governor's political sp
By moebandy on 2016-11-01 01:35 UTC
MIT Macro Connections Group Create "ClintonCircle", A Visualization Tool For Clinton Emails...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Explore the Wikileaks e-mail networks of Clinton, Podesta, and the Democratic National Committee. "ClintonCircle" created by MIT's Macro Connections Group using a email visualization mapping tool they call "Immersion".

By kynast on 2016-10-29 21:19 UTC
Clinton: I support women registering for the draft...
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Hillary Clinton supports a measure that would require women to register for the draft. The former secretary of state told the Huffington Post Wednesday that she is in favor of a legislative amendment that would for the first time compel women to register with the Selective Service System. That

By aphrodite on 2016-10-28 23:39 UTC, Edited: 2016-10-28 23:59 UTC
Jill Stein: Unlike Warmonger Hillary, Trump Wont Start World War III (VIDEO)...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Green candidate Jill Stein is not worried about Donald Trump starting wars She’s worried about warmonger Hillary Clinton. Jill Stein: ... The post Jill Stein: Unlike Warmonger Hillary, Trump Won’t Start World War III (VIDEO) appeared first o
By aphrodite on 2016-10-27 05:02 UTC
Clinton Campaign Chairman Had Multiple Dinners With Top DOJ Official During Clinton Email Investigation...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Wikileaks emails show that Clinton campaign manager John Podesta had dinner on multiple occasions with a top Department of Justice official.
By wikidave on 2016-10-26 17:15 UTC
What James O'Keefe and WikiLeaks Tell Us About Journalism...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Should false IDs, concealed cameras and hacking skills be added to the investigative journalist’s toolbox? Before you shudder, or laugh, consider the source of some of the most revealing stories of this election season. The conservative, self-descri
By viper1 on 2016-10-25 14:26 UTC
Rigging the Election – Video III: Creamer Confirms Hillary Clinton Involvement | Project Veritas Action...
Submitted to Category: /contrib/politics/
Project Veritas Action has released the third video in a multi-part series that is sending shockwaves through the DNC and the Clinton campaign. The first video explained the dark secrets and the hidden connections and organizations the Clinton campaign uses to incite violence at Trump rallies. The
By viper1 on 2016-10-24 17:59 UTC
No Consequences from Media Peers for Reporters Caught Colluding with Hillary...
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Colleagues yawn while star reporters like Thrush and Leibovich cooperate with Clinton campaign
By viper1 on 2016-10-24 14:17 UTC
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