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Study reveals what causes Alzheimer's and a drug that could stop it...
dailymail.co.uk | 2017-08-29 21:59 UTC
Scientists at the University of North Carolina's Medical School conducted a series of experiments to look at different factors driving the disease in order to try and pinpoint a way to stop it in its tracks.
By Anonymous Submission on 2017-08-29 21:59 UTC
Chronic Fatigue: A Healthy New Understanding...
LifeZette | 2017-08-29 09:05 UTC
New research holds out hope for those suffering from an insidious and debilitating illness known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), or myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME). The primary symptom is difficult to prove and sometimes impossible to get health care pr
By viper1 on 2017-08-29 14:59 UTC
More evidence that drinking coffee can help you live longer...
Malay Mail Online | 2017-08-28 22:08 UTC
MADRID, Aug 28 A new large-scale study has found for the first time that Mediterranean coffee drinkers benefit from a lower risk of death.One of the most widely consumed drinks in the world, many previous studies have also found numerous
By rjx32 on 2017-08-28 22:09 UTC
80 percent of Ebola survivors suffer disabilities one year after discharge...
ScienceDaily.com | 2017-08-21 15:14 UTC
New research highlights the need for long-term rehabilitation of Ebola survivors after almost 80 percent of those interviewed were found to have major limitations in mobility, cognition and vision.
By ceres on 2017-08-21 16:45 UTC
Australia hit by record flu outbreak...
news.com.au | 2017-08-15 03:23 UTC
AUSTRALIA is in the grip of the worst flu outbreak on record and experts are urging people to have a flu vaccine now to prevent further spread of the disease.
By aphrodite on 2017-08-15 03:36 UTC
If You Eat an Animal That Ate Drugs, Will It Affect You?...
Gizmodo | 2017-08-14 14:10 UTC
Some of our cows and chickens are on drugs. The relative safety of those drugs is the subject of ongoing debate, and some are more common than others. Last month, Bloomberg reported that Sanderson Farms is being sued for allegedly dosing its chickens with
By viper1 on 2017-08-14 18:41 UTC
Mediterranean-style diet linked to lower risk of dementia...
CBS News | 2017-07-18 18:57 UTC
Even people who only halfheartedly adhere to the MIND diet have a reduced risk of brain decline, new research suggests
By rjx32 on 2017-07-18 19:39 UTC
Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists...
The Telegraph | 2017-07-05 18:00 UTC
Chemotherapy could allow cancer to spread, and trigger more aggressive tumours, a new study suggests.
By aphrodite on 2017-07-06 02:47 UTC
The truth about vegetable crisps has been revealed...
Digital Spy | 2017-07-05 15:40 UTC
More fat than Krispy Kremes.
By rjx32 on 2017-07-05 17:01 UTC
How long can humans live?...
usatoday.com | 2017-06-29 04:08 UTC
A duo of researchers say there may be no limit to human existence.
By rogerw on 2017-06-29 04:08 UTC
Two new cases of human plague in New Mexico...
CBS News | 2017-06-28 18:58 UTC
Two women were hospitalized with the life-threatening infection; here's how it spreads
By rogerw on 2017-06-29 04:05 UTC
AIDS 2016: Starting treatment on the day of HIV diagnosis improves retention and viral suppression, Haiti study shows...
AVERT | 2017-06-27 16:00 UTC
Interventions to improve linkage to care and retention in treatment which speed up the start of treatment or provide intensive support to people before starting treatment produce better retention in care than standard practices, researchers reported at the 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS
By AVERT on 2017-06-27 16:00 UTC
Hepatitis C, HIV and tuberculosis cause greatest harm for drug users globally...
avert.org | 2017-06-27 15:41 UTC
The UNODC highlights disease burden, increased opioid abuse and a lack of treatment access in their global state of drug use report.
By AVERT on 2017-06-27 15:41 UTC
PrEP now included on the WHO Essential Medicines List...
avert.org | 2017-06-22 16:24 UTC
Key HIV drugs added to the list of medicines critical to public health, including tenofovir for HIV prevention, and dolutegravir.
By AVERT on 2017-06-22 16:24 UTC
Single-Dose Radiation Found Effective for Prostate Cancer...
ExtremeTech | 2017-06-22 15:12 UTC
The excellent results are in from a two-year study from Europe concerning single-dose iridium therapy for prostate cancer. The post Single-Dose Radiation Found Effective for Prostate Cancer appeared first on ExtremeTech.
By ceres on 2017-06-22 15:52 UTC
Getting children on HIV treatment – the failure of the Global Plan...
avert.org | 2017-06-21 11:36 UTC
Ending paediatric AIDS is now within our reach thanks to the mass scale-up of prevention of mother-to-child transmission (PMTCT) services. However, the treatment needs for children already living with HIV must to be urgently addressed.
By AVERT on 2017-06-21 11:36 UTC
Increase in ciguatera fish poisoning cases in Europe...
Phys.org | 2017-06-16 14:12 UTC
The substance ciguatoxin is only found in fish from tropical and subtropical seas. For some years now, cases of ciguatera have been reported with increasing frequency in Europe, in particular on the Spanish and Portuguese islands in the Atlantic but also
By ceres on 2017-06-16 17:05 UTC
African nations, private donors and high-income countries rally together to raise $US 13 billion for the Global Fund...
AVERT | 2017-06-16 15:45 UTC
Nearly US$ 13 billion has been pledged to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, to accelerate the response to end these diseases over the next three years.

By AVERT on 2017-06-16 15:45 UTC
10% of children living with HIV don’t develop AIDS because immune system ignores HIV ...
avert.org | 2017-06-16 15:41 UTC
The natural ability of some children's immune systems to hold off attacking HIV, thus stopping diseases progression, may provide clues for future treatment.
By AVERT on 2017-06-16 15:41 UTC
One in three people with HIV start treatment late in low- and middle-income countries...
avert.org | 2017-06-16 15:32 UTC
World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines call for all people newly diagnosed to start treatment straight away but worrying numbers of people in high-burden countries still test and present late to care.
By AVERT on 2017-06-16 15:32 UTC

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