Neymar assaying best to be the success in the upcoming world cup... | 2018-05-17 18:28 UTC

Gradually, Neymar, Brazilian forward, is getting ready for Russia World cup to recover his injury and he is anxious about the world cup that how they can be success and win the trophy.

His contribution will be indispensable for Brazil to get the trophy. In last February, Neymar’s bone of the foot was broken in league one match. Recently, he attempts to practice with the ball and their team doctor believes that Neymar can be able to play against Croatia in a friendly match.

Brazil wasn’t successful since last four world cups that’s why they need a momentum and Neymar want to forget their miscarriage.

Neymar said in an interview, “the football game gives me much more inspiration and my biggest pleasure to stay in the field. Football World Cup is the biggest competition in the world where I would like to play and win. Our world cup mission will be started on 17 June against Switzerland. Although I have a great fear but I can recover it.”

By Salahuddin on 2018-05-17 18:28 UTC
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