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#KnowTheDisease: Everything you need to know about cardiovascular diseases...
Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the types of diseases that affect heart and blood vessels, causing heart attacks, stroke, congenital heart disease, and peripheral artery disease. Tobacco use, unhealthy diet, alcohol, and physical inactivity trigger CVDs. Here's all you need to know about CVDs.
By Shontyraj on 2018-09-28 07:15 UTC
Things to know about 'flesh-eating' sexually transmitted disease, Donovanosis...
A flesh-eating sexually transmitted disease called Donovanosis has baffled medical science. Though it is extremely rare, the first case was reported in the UK.

An unidentified woman in Southport, England, was diagnosed with the disease, which is capable of destroying genital tissue.

Though not
By Shontyraj on 2018-08-25 06:48 UTC

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