Trump campaign issued $122 million in refunds to supporters-donors in 2020...

The Hill | 2021-04-03 19:07 UTC

The news outlet found that as Election Day neared, the Trump campaign added a second prechecked box that doubled a person’s contribution, along with new lines of text in bold and capital letters that the paper said distracted from language informing donors on how to opt out of the automatic donation plan. The Times noted that soon after the campaign implemented these practices, several Trump supporters, including retirees and military veterans, sent fraud complaints to banks and credit card companies after reporting unauthorized withdrawals from their accounts.

Among these people was Stacy Blatt, a 63-year-old patient in hospice care who donated $500 to the Trump campaign in September.
In less than a month, however, the Times said the Trump campaign had withdrawn a total of $3,000 from Blatt. Blatt died from cancer in February.

By Anonymous Submission on 2021-07-08 00:49 UTC
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