Son of limo company owner connected to horror crash is arrested...

The Daily Mail | 2018-10-10 16:04 UTC

Nauman Hussain was taken into custody on Wednesday morning, officials said. Hussain manages the day to day operations for Prestige Limousines in New York. 'DOT issued multiple violations on this vehicle and barred it from being used as a commercial passenger transport vehicle,' said spokesman Joseph Morrissey. 'The use of this vehicle is such a blatant breach of the law. This vehicle should not have been operating as a commercial vehicle on the road, period.' Hussain and brother Shahyer have been ticketed more than 70 times combined. They were both arrested for impersonating each other during a 2014 traffic stop. In March the vehicle was cited for a whopping 14 safety violations and the DOT said the limo had to be taken out of service until the issues were fixed. Among the citations were the fact that 25 percent of the car's brakes were defective, the rear emergency exits did not operate properly, and a hydraulic brake line was dangling and able to make contact with a tire.

By Anonymous Submission on 2018-10-11 02:28 UTC
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